Looking to go a bit more artsy in your personal style? Exploring abstract nail art is a quick way to a unique, fun look. You can go geometric with it, or add a cool and messy splash pattern. You can go muted or colorful. The sheer customization of abstract nail art is endless. So below are some ideas to get you inspired for this artistic abstract nail art trend.

Here are the coolest abstract nail art trends to brighten up the season.

Wild geometrics

With this look, you let randomness be your muse. Feel free to use zigzags, negative space, triangles, crossing lines and more.

80s nails

Splashes of neon colors were all the rage in the 80s, and it’s back again. Paint your nails in random splashes of neon shades by having chunks of different shades and adding messy lines over those. Add a few black dots as accents.

Abstract swirls

A classy swirl pattern never goes out of style. Either use nail stickers or paint them yourself.

Grid pattern

Lay down a basecoat, and then carefully paint a grid pattern over it. You’ll end up with a classy style that is far from boring.

Geometric corners

Paint neon edges over a white basecoat, so it looks like the tips of squares are pointed towards the middle of the nail. This pairs great with some matching accent nails.

Negative space geometric nails

Leave most of the nail clear, but paint patterns on a few nails so cool shapes sit right next to each other.

Splatter nails

For this you’ll need a white basecoat. Then, lay your nails over some paper to protect the surface you’re on. Flick and glob different shades of nail polish on your nails. Some nail polish remover may help for cleanup.

Triangle pattern

Paint some filled-in triangles over a white basecoat. Neon shades work great for the triangles, and they pair well with accent nails of the same shades.