Beautiful blonde in a Hollywood manner with curls, red lips. Beauty face. Picture taken in the studio
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Arched, thin or purposefully thick: there are tons of ways to wear eyebrows. But whichever style you choose, you’ll want to know some of the best beauty hacks for shaping your eyebrows. Eyebrows do grow back, but while they are, it’s a constant odd look if you get the wrong shape. Or you may just want the perfect look using makeup. Either way, below are several ways for shaping your eyebrows…and boosting them!

Don’t get too close to the mirror

It’s tempting to get right up there for a better view when shaping your eyebrows, but you’ll lose perspective of what your brows will look like in the context of your whole face. You want to know what you’ll look like to other people, since chances are, tons of people are not standing one inch away from your face (that could get awkward).

Choose tweezing over the wax

Always tweeze. It’s slower, but it’s easier to adjust as you go along. One wrong move with the wax and you’re missing chunks of eyebrow.

Know the basics of face shape vs. brow shape

While shaping with tweezers, different brow shapes work with different face types. Here’s a rundown:

  • Oval face: Thin, curved brows.
  • Long face: Flat, horizontal brows.
  • Round face: High, arched brows.
  • Square face: Brows should be curved with a bit of an arch.
  • Heart face: Low, curved brows.
  • Diamond face: Higher, curved eyebrows.

These brow shapes will help complement your overall face shape.

Remember to prime

Use an eye shadow primer before other makeup. Just rub it on your brows to keep brow makeup from loosing its even texture.

Trace with a felt pen

To get the perfect shape, start by using a felt pen to trace along the brow edges. That will give you a visual area to work off of.

Go gentle with the brow pencil

When using a pencil, use light strokes. That way you can know when you’ve applied enough. Better that than applying too much and having to wipe off and start over.

Know how to blend

The makeup may not always go on perfectly. So blend well with a spoolie brush that comes at the end of many eyebrow pencils.

Remember to highlight

A small bit of highlighter right under the brow will show off the shape better. Make sure to blend it well with your finger or a makeup sponge.

Brow pencils are not your only option

It’s easy to learn to hate doing brows because of that tough pencil that always goes dull. If you hate that thing, try a brow gel, brow powder or brow pen.

You don’t always need tons of makeup

Want a low maintenance makeup day? Make sure your brows look great naturally by brushing them, trimming/tweezing any troubled spots and smoothing them over with just some primer.