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Curled eyelashes have the effects of making our eyes stand out, and they help us look more awake, even if we aren’t. While it may be easy for those of you out there who have long luxurious lashes naturally to get a nice curl, it can be hard for the sisters with shorter lashes like myself. So, here are some eyelash curling hacks to help. First, check out these ten eyelash curling hacks you can do all on your own with what you likely already have at home, then check out our three favorite eyelash curlers that really work magic.

#1 Curl in three segments

Have you ever thought about this? Segment your lashes into thirds and start at the base with your first curl, then move to the middle and curl, then apply one last curl at the ends. Simple and effective.

#2 3-second rule

Next, one reason for an eyelash curl that doesn’t hold is not holding the eyelash curler down long enough. Follow this 3-second rule. Combine this with number one too by holding and pressing at each segment for three seconds. That should be easy to remember. Three sections and three seconds!

#3 Coat both sides of your lashes

When applying mascara, put some on each side of the lash. This will make the lashes look insanely thick.

#4 Rotate the eyelash curler

Here is how it works: When you are on your last curl of the three, carefully rotate the eyelash curler up to help curl even further. Be sure to go slowly as you don’t want to accidently pull out any lashes!

#5 Double duty: Apply mascara while curling

Yes you can actually curl your lashes at the base and then apply mascara to the ends of the lashes coming through the curler. This will help them to stay in the curl you are holding.

#6 Soak mascara in hot water

Nobody likes clumpy lashes, so make sure your mascara goes on nice and smooth by heating it up before application. You can do this under running hot water.

#7 The spoon curl

Don’t have an eyelash curler on hand? Not to worry, as long as you have a spoon. Place the spoon above your top lash line and curl your lashes around it, using your finger to hold them in place. Then, you guessed it, hold them at least three seconds.

#8 Wiggle the brush at the base

More mascara at the base and less at the tips will keep the lash open and bright so try wiggling the mascara brush at the base of your lash line. If you apply it evenly down the whole lash, you may find that the ends are weighed down.

#9 Bend the mascara brush

This gives you an amazing angle for the best looking lashes you have ever seen. Simply bend the end of your brush at a 90 degree angle.

#10 Use a lash primer

Just like with any primer, a lash primer will help your mascara go on better, last longer and keep your lashes curled. The Urban Decay Subversion eyelash primer is one of the best on the market and used by tons of makeup artists and celebs.

Top Eyelash Curlers to Check Out

Does your eyelash curler need an upgrade? These are our top picks for eyelash curlers you should check out!

So there you have it, lots of help for the ladies out there struggling to keep your eyelashes curled. Do you have any other tips I missed that help keep your lashes curled all day long? Help us out by sharing in the comments!