BeFunky Collage

Ever see some wildly creative nail art and wish you could do that at home? Odds are you can. Getting creative with nails is a fun art project, almost like the random art project kits you might have done as a kid. Below are nail art hacks for mastering nail art at home.

Text nails

Want to show your love of the written word? A neat trick is to paint your nails white. Then soak your nails in rubbing alcohol for several seconds. Press some kind of text, like newspaper, onto them, rubbing without moving the newspaper. The words will come off on your nails, and you can finish off with a gel topcoat.

Splatter nails

For this look, glob a large drop of bright nail polish on some white nails. Spread it around with a sharpened pencil tip to look like a paint splatter. Repeat with different colors.

Fast glitter nails

For quick glitter nails, paint your nails in a clear basecoat. While they’re still wet, dip them right into a tub of loose glitter. Let dry. Paint over with another clear basecoat to secure the glitter.

Swirl nails

Paint several stripes of heavy nail polish on, then run a sharp orangewood stick through the stripes to blur and swirl them.

Ombre nails

Paint a white basecoat and let it dry. Then use a sponge brush to dab increasingly thick nail polish on in a bright color.

Getting creative with nail stickers

Paint a basecoat. Cut some nail stickers into whatever shape you’d like (triangles, rectangles, etc.) and apply for a little twist.

Tape designs

Use nail tape to create cool geometric designs like triangles, plaid and stripes. Simply paint a basecoat, cut the tape in the shape you wish and place it over your nail. Paint over the tape to leave different designs behind once you remove the tape, or, leave the tape on!

Blended nails

For a technicolored blended look, put three large drops of different-colored nail polish on the nail. Sweep to the side with a large paintbrush until the colors are mixed. This works best on fake nails over some paper to reduce the mess.