Denim is a fashion trend that never goes out of style, and it shows up in so many different types of styles—bohemian, classic, traditional, or edgy. With so many creative and gorgeous ways to rock denim, don’t settle for your typical blue jeans. Show off your personality with these fun ways to wear denim.


Forget everything you thought you knew about overalls. They’re cool, okay. And you can capture a laid back, relaxed vibe while wearing them. We love loose-fitted denim overalls with holes. Pair your jean overalls with a ruffled off-the-shoulder top and beach waves in your hair.

Colored Denim

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Get that ultra-vintage look with a pastel denim skirt in mint green or pale pink, or go punk rock with a fuschia or colorful patterned denim jacket. Your best bet is to visit your local vintage boutique and find a one-of-a-kind item that speaks to your unique personality.


We know we’re not the only ones who buy jackets just to wear them around our wastes. Denim jackets are cute to wear, well, as jackets. But they’re super stylish to wrap around a sundress or white tee. For a classic summer look, pair your denim jacket with a simple white tee or dress.


Not sure how to pick out jeans and want to up your style game? You can’t go wrong with a vintage pair. They instantly give you a cool edge that’s a bit, shall we say it? Hipster. Wear anything with them, and people will be asking you for style advice!


Speaking of hipster, boyfriend jeans would also fall into that category. If you want to incorporate denim into your look but you hate pants, boyfriend jeans will be your new bff. They’re loose, comfy, and you can wear them anywhere.


Denim doesn’t just have to be blue. Black denim is a clever way to dress up your look but still be somewhat casual. Black denim can be dressed up with blouses or deep v-necks, or they can be casual with a vintage tee.


If you spend your summers at music festivals and the farmers market, then flare jeans are right up your alley. These laid back jeans are for your inner hippie—let her shine!


When winter comes to an end, rule out faux leather and suede skirts and swap in denim skirts. They come in so many cute styles—with floral stitches, with laces, with fringe, and some with frayed edges.


Denim shorts are as popular as ever, so long as they’re distressed. In fact, every girl out to have a high-quality pair of distressed denim shorts in her wardrobe. They’re versatile, comfortable, and great to pair with your favorite swimsuit.