Female feet at spa pedicure procedure
Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio

There’s nothing like a weekend away at a spa. But sometimes time or budgets can get in the way of this. So make your own spa at home! It’s a lot easer and cheaper than you’d think. So below are several at-home spa treatments.

Turn your bathroom into an oasis: Just because you’re not at the spa doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you are. Get some relaxing mood music going, light some candles in the bathroom and get some relaxing incense burning.

Cold cream facemask: One of the first things you probably think of when you think of the spa is people relaxing with rejuvenating facemasks. So whip up your own at home! Add equal parts cold cream, avocado, honey, aloe vera gel and oatmeal to a blender. Blend up and leave on the face for about 20 minutes.

Get some cucumbers: Another image that pops up in conjunction with spas is cucumbers over the eyes to reduce bags and dark under-eye areas. So get to slicing those cucumbers, and place them over the eyes for about 20 minutes.

Use a mud treatment: Another mainstay of spa stereotypes is the mud mask. Make one at home by investing in a bentonite clay facemask. It can detoxify the skin, shrink pores and make skin smoother.

DIY hot towel treatment: Soak some towels in hot water and then place them around your neck while you’re letting a facemask do its work. It will help steam the skin and add to the relaxation.

Heat your lotion: Spas have a way of making everything warm, soothing and luxurious. Capture that feeling at home by heating your lotion. Leave it near the heater vent before you shower. Warm lotion afterwards!

Treat yourself to a manicure: Another spa day favorite, you can easily do your own manicure at home. Soak your fingers, cut off cuticles, moisturize your nail beds and treat yourself to a cute nail design.

Infuse some water: While you’re sitting around your home spa day, sip a healthy drink. Infuse some water with some berries, lemons, mint, roses or whatever healthy produce strikes your fancy.

Make a detox bath: To relax muscles and clear out toxins, throw a handful of Epsom salt into the bath, along with a dozen or so drops of your favorite essential oil.

Make a foot soak: If you don’t have time for a full bath, but want a taste of the spa, throw some sprinkles of Epsom salt into a bin of warm water for a relaxing foot soak.