ombre hair

Ombre hair is a fun way to add contrast and an individualized style to any look. But usually when you see ombre hair, it’s worn straight down. There are actually tons of ways to style hair that are uniquely suited to ombre looks. From perfectly placed ponytails to curls that accent the color contrast of ombre, below are some top hairstyles that look great on ombre hair.

Boho fishtail braid

A boho fishtail braid is a stunning look for ombre hair. It starts with two loose, three-strand braids at the front that go right to the back of the head, and then go into a fishtail braid that runs down through the length. It’s a fun look for ombre because the layers in the braid accent the change in color as the braid leads down.

Basic curls

This look simply has some classy curls starting where the color change takes place around the middle of the lengths, usually around the ears. It’s a fun way to accent that color change.

Textured beach waves

Textured beach waves add to the casual style that ombre can impart. The hair is wavy down around where the color changes and windblown at the top before the color change.

Bottom curls

This curl look is great for ombre styles in long hair where the color change starts below the shoulders. In this look, just the color change under the shoulders is curled to further accent that color change.

Large statement bow

A large bow in the back is perfect. Place it right above where a color change happens to accent that change. It’ll look like new hair is falling right below the bow.

Braided ponytail

Ponytails are a great look for ombre hair. Place it right, and it can look like the ponytail is a different shade from the rest of the hair, making for some interesting contrast. This look has a fishtail braid at the top of the head leading into the ponytail for a creative take on the traditional ponytail.

Messy ponytail

This look has a low ponytail that leads into waves. The ponytail is a different color from the rest of the hair, while ombre strands fall around the face for added cohesion to the look.

Double braid

This is a fun look for a low ombre that starts around shoulder length. The braids themselves melt into another color halfway down for a creative look.

Half-up braid

Another good look for ombre hair is a high half-up braid. Contrasting hues are intermixed into the braid itself for some interesting color combinations.

Crown braid

This look has a large braid going around the back of the head in a halo pattern. Because of how the hair is pulled up, different colors from the lower levels are worked into the braid for a multi-colored effect.