animal nail art

Need a fun way to express yourself in your personal style? If you love animals, then animal-themed nail art could add some pizzazz to your life. These super cute ideas include some of the most adorable animals you’ve ever seen. Many of these looks can be found on nail stickers, but if you have an artistic flair, feel free to draw some yourself. You’ll need your polish and a very narrow brush for drawing on the designs.

Neon fox nails: Fox nails are always a popular style because of how cute they are. A neon orange fox face is drawn on one accent nail, with his tail on another accent nail next to it. The rest of the nails are a matching neon orange.

Whale nail: This simple design requires a white base, over which you draw a cartoon whale. It’s super cute and great for a beach outing.

Flamingo nails: These adorable cartoonish flamingos look great over a bright blue background.

Penguin nails: Penguins are probably the easiest to draw. They require a black base with a white half oval coming up from the tips of the nails. Eyes on the black base, a triangle orange nose just inside the white oval and little orange feet at the tips, and you’re set.

Owl nails: Little multicolored owls are a cute idea anytime. These are basically drawn like the penguins, but with little spots on their bellies and larger eyes as the main differences.

Hedgehog nails: If you have some artistic flair, cute little hedgehogs look adorable against a brightly colored base.

Kitty nails: This one can be surprisingly simple. A bright basecoat with some black cat images over it is always cute. A few paw prints, the hint of a tail and some cat ears sticking up from the tips of the nails round out this look.

Panda nails: Who doesn’t love panda bears? These cute guys make adorable nail designs with just some black and white polish.

Shimmery paw print nails: Here’s another easy option. A shimmery base coat makes a good background to draw attention to the design. Then you’ll just need to draw some paw prints in black polish.

Negative space mouse nails: This clever idea makes use of the negative space nail trend. One nail has a cartoon mouse drawn on it against a yellow background. The rest of the nails are bright yellow, but negative space circles are left behind to give the look of Swiss cheese. To get this look, cut clear tape into little circles, apply to the nails and paint over those. Then remove the tape.