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Image: Katsiaryna Pakhomava/Shutterstock

Your twenties can be such an interesting era, with both high points and low points. It’s a constant learning curve, and we’ve gathered some of the most important things to know how to do during this chapter of growth in your life!

Car Maintenance – Do not be afraid to take your car in the minute that check light comes on. It prevents any future scare when you might have to pull off onto the side of the road at night. Speaking of that, be sure you have your insurance available in both your wallet as well as your car to prepare for ANY situation. Being kind to your car only begins at keeping that gas tank full, so staying on top of everything will lead to a smooth ride.

Scheduling Appointments – Ranging from hair to doctor, you should feel confident in the best times that work for your check ups and check ins. Sure, you were used to having those scheduled for you, but you build confident relationships with those offices when you start calling on your own.

Laundry – Both on your own, as well as taking clothes in to be dry cleaned, it is absolutely crucial that you know what works best for your clothes so that you prevent looking like a total slob. Choose a day or two throughout the week that is completely dedicated to doing laundry, including your bath mats and bed sheets, and you’ll feel like an entirely new human being.

How To Cook – This is a fun experience in itself. Not only are you learning how to make new foods, but you can prepare to host dinners as well as prepare dishes for parties and holidays all on your own!

Banking – What a daunting task, but also what a completely rewarding process to be able to balance a checkbook, check your statements online, make payments, or even call your bank with any questions before a major life decision such as buying your first car.

Travel – When organizing a trip, there are so many details to put together. Depending on where your destination is, you could be booking activities, flights, and hotels. Taking the responsibilities upon yourself will help you feel comfortable working your way around airline sites as well as hotel booking agents. You’re one step closer to becoming a travel pro!

Deep Clean – Taking out the trash and wiping down a counter is not going to cut it when you eventually move into your first home. Whether you’re living at home or in an apartment, this is the time to learn what products can properly clean the shower, how often to vacuum, and even to take care of those pesky baseboards you might not think about after a while.

Build your skincare regime – For both fellas and ladies alike, it is absolutely crucial to take care of your skin in your 20s. This can include introducing different toners and moisturizers, as well as replacing certain beauty products that might have caused your skin to break out frequently.

Self care- It could be something as little as lighting a candle in your room, or incorporating a new workout routine, but finding that “you” time is something that is forgotten so often. Not only is it bringing in a little extra happy in your week, it helps you focus on mentally recharging.

Keeping your professional foot forward – Having an updated copy of your resume is a given, but it’s also so beyond important to know how to write multiple versions of a cover letter. Job hunting is a doozy of a process, and there are going to be jobs that you’ll absolutely do anything to score an interview for. Be sure that you present your absolute best self both through those documents, as well as through an awesome introductory e-mail. This is how you’re getting your foot in the door!