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Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio

Makeup always has a pesky way of running out before you know it. Especially if you buy the expensive stuff. Luckily, if you’re looking to go a bit more frugal, there are some ways to extend the life of your makeup. Many of these don’t even require using less of it. How’s that for a win-win?

Soak your mascara

A popular method with mascara, for when it feels like it’s running low, is to soak it in warm water for a couple minutes. That loosens up the dried and caked bits, allowing you to access more product.

Melt broken lipstick back together

Breaking your favorite tube of lipstick can feel like something of a crisis. It’s a crisis no more with this pyro trick. Just hold the two broken ends of the lipstick over a candle or lighter until they’re soft. Then mush the two pieces back together.

Cut your bottles

You know when you’re squeezing a bottle and nothing comes out, even when you can feel the product as you shake the bottle around? Cut the bottle open for an extra application of product or more.

Watch that rubber ring

Sometimes that annoying rubber ring on lip gloss can obstruct the last of the product. So simply remove it.

Reuse crushed powder with petroleum jelly

If you have some crushed eye shadow, you can add enough petroleum jelly to form a highly pigmented paste. Then use it as lip color.

Remember the lipstick brush

When your lipstick gets so low it no longer has any shaping quality, don’t throw it out. Use a lipstick brush to apply it.

The alcohol and crushed powder method

Another popular method for reviving broken powder is to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Then press the powder with a spoon. It will re-harden into one piece again.

The miracle of saline solution

Saline solution is a makeup-saving favorite. A few drops added to mascara can revive a clumpy mess. Shake well.

Foundation and face lotion

Another idea is to combine your foundation with a little bit of your face lotion to get it to go a bit further. This is great for days when you want a lighter makeup look.

Fix that broken blush

Another way to fix powder, particularly blush, is to just crush the rest of it into a powder. No additives required. Then apply with a large brush.