matte nails

If you’re looking for a classic manicure style that goes with all occasions, you can’t go wrong with matte nails. All you need is your base nail polish and a matte topcoat finish, such as Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. There’s a surprising number of ways to wear this look, too. So, below are several ideas for matte nails.

Nude matte

nude matte nails
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A basic nude is a great way to go with matte nails. Both nude and matte nails are understated looks, so they were made for each other.

Grey-blue matte

grey-blue matte nails
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An idea for matte nails is to go with some distinctive colors. One idea is a sort of muted grey-blue, which works great with the muted look of matte topcoat finishes.

Black matte with shimmery accents

black matte with shimmery accents nails
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Another idea is to combine a matte nail with glossy accents. For instance, glossy tips with a matte base always look stunning. You could also leave other glossy patterns like swirls. It’s just a matter of not applying the matte topcoat to certain areas.

Glitter matte

glitter matte
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One way to get a unique look is to juxtapose a muted matte nail with some glitter. Either add the glitter on top of the matte in an ombre pattern, or have a couple pure glitter accent nails mixed in with the matte look.

Matte and metallic

matte and metallic nails
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Another idea is to combine the muted look of matte with the shimmery appearance of a metallic polish. The metallic polish looks great as tips with a matte base, or metallic points at the base of the nail.

Ombre matte

ombre matte nails
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A great way to rock this look is going for a matte ombre. This looks stunning with black tips leading gradually into a dark red base.

Pastel matte

pastel matte nails
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Another subtle idea is going for a light pastel matte. It looks especially stunning in a baby pink.

Matte with bling accent

matte with bling accent
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This is another look that makes the best of contrast. A matte nail with some added gemstone accents is a fun look. The muted matte nails really allow the bling to pop.

Matte with seasonal themes

matte nails with seasonal themes
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Another idea is to go seasonal with matte nails. For instance, in winter, matte makes a stunning base for white snowflakes drawn on the nail. In the spring, a pastel matte shade would look good under some stunning flower designs. This look is great for creative types.

Matte with dot pattern

matte nails with dots
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A classy look is having a matte base with some bright three-dimensional nail decal pieces in a white dot pattern. The matte allows the dots to pop all the more.