winter makeup trends

With winter upon us, you may be feeling a little cooped up already. Take all that time indoors to play around with your makeup. This winter’s crop of runway makeup trends ranges from some dark-colored winter makeup favorites to breaking the mold a bit. Below are some of the hottest winter makeup trends to try right now.

Dark eye and bright red lips

dark eye and bright red lips
Image: Pinterest

A dark smoky eye and a bright red lip are huge together this winter. They contrast nicely, and the dark eye ties into the dark makeup looks of winter, while adding some color to the season with the lips.

Super highlighted skin

super highlighted skin
Image: Pinterest

Another huge look this season is a luminous highlighted style. Some bold highlighter on the center of the forehead, the inside corners of the eyes, the cheeks and above the Cupid’s bow is a good place to start.

Dark and gold glitter eye

dark gold glitter eye
Image: Pinterest

A stunning look this winter is a gold eye shadow with a deep, dark cat eye drawn right above the lashes. The dark liner contrasts nicely with the radiant gold shadow.

Pastel lips

pastel lips brown natural smoky eye
Image: Pinterest

Proving that fashion is sometime about thinking outside the box, a pastel lip is actually huge this winter. In particular, frosty shades of pink make this a good selection for winter.

Glitter freckles

glitter freckles
Image: Pinterest

This funky look is big on runways this year. It’s a good statement trend if you want to look wild for a certain party. If you apply some Vaseline or eyelash glue on the skin, the glitter or sequins stick right on. They’re usually worn on the checks, around the eyes, or on the bridge of the nose.

Super dark lips

super dark lips
Image: Pinterest

This Goth statement trend has been appropriated by the mainstream. It ties right into the dark makeup looks that usually dominate winter. If you don’t want to go full-on black lipstick, try a very dark red.

Ruby lips

ruby lips lipstick
Image: Pinterest

An excellent go-to look is big this winter, and that’s deep red lips. Any shimmery deep ruby shade of lipstick will do.

Copper eyes

copper eyes
Image: Pinterest

Need to add some warmth to the winter months? A bold metallic copper eye shadow might be just the answer.

Natural brows

natural brows
Image: Pinterest

One amazing “dare to be you” look this winter is wearing thicker natural eyebrows. If you hate tweezing, it’s time to rejoice.

Star embellishments

star embellishments
Image: Pinterest

Another popular look is to draw one or more stars around the eyes. A stencil and some eyeliner complete this look.