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We all love a little eye candy every once in a while, right? Especially in olympic athlete form, I mean c’mon. Abs galore. But their (sexy) physical appearance isn’t the only thing we find hot about them. All of these attractive athletes competing in Rio have amazing stories and move the crowd with more than their looks. Their attitudes and morals that ground them during these crazy olympic games are what we love most. Feast your eyes, and your heart, on these absurdly attractive athletes competing in Rio at the olympic games.

Jordan Burroughs: Team USA Wrestling

Born in Camden, New Jersey, Jordan Burroughs has been wrestling since he was 5 years old. He’s also married with 2 kids (awww), a little boy and a newborn baby girl. He’s won a LOT more than he’s lost (128-20 at the end of his college career in Nebraska), but he says he owes it all to Jesus. How sweet.

Thomaz Bellucci: Team Brazil Tennis

This guy is the cutest. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Thomaz is ranked 55th in the world but he’s been doing really well. He really feeds off the crowd and gets his strong emotions from their support, which is so cute. Dream guy?

Cameron McEvoy: Team Australia Swimming

Born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Cam McEvoy isn’t just a great swimmer. He’s currently studying physics and mathematics at Griffith University, so he’s a smart hottie. Not to mention he’s funny, look at that insta caption! Double points.

Luca Dotta: Team Italy Swimming

Born in Camposampiero, Italy, Luca Dotto currently holds the Italian record in the 100m freestyle with a time of 47.96. Pretty impressive. Plus, his Instagram bio says he’s a “Swimmer and sometimes model” so he’s definitely got that going for him.

Grigor Dimitrov: Team Bulgaria Tennis

We are so lucky Grigor Dimitrov was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria. I mean, look at that pose. He does yoga. AND he’s an amazing tennis player, what more could you ask for?!

Damian De Allende: Team South Africa Rugby

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Damian De Allende plays the bada** sport of rugby. Who could resist that scruffy beard and his sweet demeanor?

Hansle Parchment: Team Jamaica Track and Field

Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Hansle Parchment competes in the 110m hurdles. He seems like a really hard worker, and we love a little determination. And we love his face.

Tom Daley: Team Great Britain Diving

Born in Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, Tom Daley is the epitome of cuteness. He posts motivational YouTube videos for fans and fellow athletes, how sweet! We also happened to notice his abs, so those are a plus too.

Camille Lacourt: Team France Swimming

Born in Narbonne, France, Camille Lacourt is a husband and a father, which we love. His passion for the water is what makes him most attractive—along with his hair and smile.

Jonathan Calleri: Team Argentina Soccer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jonathan Calleri has the cutest wife and baby ever. An amazing soccer player and father, what’s not to love?

Chad le Clos: Team South Africa Swimming

Born in Durban, South Africa, Chad le Clos is pure eye candy. To make him even more attractive, he has pictures of him and his mother all over his Instagram. So basically he’s every girl’s dream.