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When it comes to eye shadow, you can never use just one color. Half the fun is experimenting with different shades that complement your eye color in fun, new ways. Luckily, we live in a world with eye shadow palettes that offer rows and rows of shades with which to experiment, like a gleeful kid with a big box of Crayola crayons. Below are some of the best eye shadow palettes to look into.

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eye Shadow – Nudes

If you frequently like to rock a nude makeup look, you’ll want to look into this eye shadow palette. It contains 12 shades from white to dark grey.

Jmkcoz Eye Shadow – 120 Colors

Love playing around with bright shades? This kit boasts the colors of the rainbow, including some in shimmery colors.

W7 Color Me Buff Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Color Palette

This palette is great for people who love a natural, muted nude palette in darker shades. It comes with several brown tones as well as a few lighter ones.

Anself Professional 15 Colors Makeup Warm Eye Shadow Palette

If you’re looking for a warm, neutral matte look in your eye shadows, this kit has you covered. It has shades like terracotta brick red, several warm browns and some light skin-colored tones, to name a few.

Mf Cosmetic Nine Colors Diamond Bright Colorful Makeup Eye Shadow

If you like a nice glittery eye, this palette of metallic glitter shades has you covered. It has champagne, gold and bronze tones.

SHANY Natural Fusion Eye Shadow Palette

If you want a basic, classy color array, you’ll want to take a look at this palette. It has muted blues, deep purples and warm terracottas, to name a few shades.

Gaga Professional 252 Colors Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

Want every color of the rainbow? This multi-tray set will satisfy all your high color cravings. You’ll get everything from bright yellow, to deep blue, to brown, to grey, and beyond.

Best Pro Eye Shadow Palette Makeup – Matte + Shimmer 16 Colors

Like a shimmer to your eye? This is another metallic shimmer palette, but contains a wider array of shades, like shimmery pink and glittery blue.

e.l.f. Eye Shadow 32 Piece Palette – Natural

Here’s another palette that’s good if you like a muted look. This has a wide range of earthy tones, as well as some basic nude shades.

BLUETTEK 120 Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette – Matte Earth Tone Series

Speaking of earth tones, this warm earth tone matte palette carries everything from mossy green to clay red. It also has tons of warm yellows and peaches.

Karity Cosmetics 21 Highly Pigmented Professional Eye Shadow Palette – Smoky

If you love a good smoky eye, this is your kit. It has all the favorite colors for the famous smoky eye, from black, to deep grey, to wild pink, to deep purple.