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First dates can either be hit or miss. You’ve probably had great ones…and you’ve probably had terrible ones. An awkward budding romance all relies on how the first date goes so, um, no pressure. When things go horribly wrong, can you turn it around or is all potential love and happiness gone? Here’s what to do in every weird first date situation if it happens. Good luck.

He keeps talking about his ex

This is never good. Unless it’s unavoidable and not a big deal, talking about exes should never really happen on a first date. You are there to learn more about each other and see if there could be something between the two of you, not to reminisce about some other girl he was with for eight months and can’t forget. If he voluntarily brings her up, he’s not over her. Don’t run for the hills quite yet, but try to steer the conversation in a different direction.

He has disgusting eating habits

This could be a personal issue, but it seems like gross and weird eating habits would irritate anyone. How could you date someone (let alone marry?) who chews their food like they’re never going to eat again? If he does this, his mother clearly did not teach him proper manners to use in front of a girl. There really isn’t much you can do besides sit and boil inside.

He’s constantly on his phone

Okay, it’s common sense not to do this, and it’s rude. Both of your phones should be put away and on silent so that you can show each other respect and interest in the conversation. Besides, who knows who he’s talking to? If it’s another girl, run. A true gentleman won’t even let you see his phone the whole night.

He’s rude to the waiter/waitress

Even if the waiter/waitress messes up an order or does something wrong, it says more about him if he’s rude about it. There is no problem pointing out a mistake and getting what you want, but you should always be kind about it. If he’s an a**hole to the wait staff, he’s probably just an a**hole. Try being kind to the wait staff yourself and see if he gets the hint.

He brings a friend

This is a date…right? Unless you were terribly confused about meeting up with him, he shouldn’t bring a friend. If he was truly interested in you and wanted to get to know you more, he would give you his undivided attention, not bring his buddy along because he had nothing else to do. If this happens, play it cool, but know there probably won’t be a second date.

Conversation just doesn’t flow

Some people are just socially awkward and impossible to have a conversation with. Maybe you aren’t connecting, or you have nothing in common. Either way, this happens sometimes and you can’t really avoid it. Be gracious and try your hardest to get to know him. Sometimes it just doesn’t click, and that’s okay!

He has a huge ego

Usually, you can tell right away when a guy is really feeling himself. I’m all for some confidence, and in fact it’s attractive. But there is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. You’ll especially be able to tell if he has a huge ego when he expects you to hook up with him on the first date. In that case, end the night with grace and make him wish he could get a girl as classy as you.

He’s late

Running a few minutes late is understandable, but when it gets to more than fifteen, you should know something is up. It’s common courtesy and respect to show up on time to things, especially to a date with someone you like. What even took so long, hair and makeup? I don’t think so. Mentally note a strike for every ten minutes he’s late.

You can’t get a word in

If he’s talking your ear off that’s great and all, but he should give you time to talk too! Talking about himself the entire time only shows how self absorbed he might be. If he isn’t asking you questions about yourself, it’s a red flag. Who wouldn’t want to know every single minuscule detail about your gorgeous self?

He complains about everything

The food. The wait staff. The drinks. The temperature of the room. C’mon, dude, you’re trying to impress me here not show that you’re more high maintenance than me. Excessive complaining is never attractive, and while I appreciate the honesty about how you’re feeling, maybe keep certain things to yourself to save my sanity. Respond to his complaints with positive aspects of the night to lighten the mood.

He chooses somewhere super expensive then “forgets” his wallet

Going somewhere nice on a date is always appreciated. But if you choose the place, then you should be able to pay for at least your half. You don’t need to expect him to pay for everything, but if he can’t afford it then why did he even bring you here? Rude.