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No one can ever come close to your mom. She was there for all of the major events in your life, from your first bra to your first heart break. Sometimes, it feels like you can’t ever thank your mom for everything that she’s done for you.

Which makes shopping for her so incredibly hard. How do you thank the fearless woman who knows you better than you know yourself?

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or looking for an excuse to celebrate your mom, keep this beauty gift guide handy before your next shopping trip.

1. An essential oil diffuser will give her aromatherapy in the comfort of her home.

essential oil diffuser
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Don’t judge a book by its cover. This diffuser may be small, but it totally packs a punch and will fill your entire room with the aroma of your favorite essential oils.

2. Surround her with soothing essential oil scents.

essential oil kits
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Give mom the gift of relaxation with an essential oil set. It’ll give her the same calming experience as a trip to the spa without the cost.

3. Speaking of spas…

There’s nothing more relaxing than soothing essential oils paired with a kick-ass facial. Mom more than deserves a day off, so why not give her a gift card to her favorite spa?

4. IT Cosmetics’ CC cream is the perfect beauty solution for maturing skin.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream
Image: Amazon

Not only does IT Cosmetics’ CC cream combat aging skin, it also keeps it super hydrated.

5. Treat your mom to a shopping spree at her favorite skincare store. 

A gift card to Clinique or Sephora would be just as appreciated!

6. Pamper her with products from that luxury makeup line she’s been talking about for years.

Laura Mercier
Image: Laura Mercier

High quality makeup can get pretty expensive. This gift will take a lot of stress off of your mom’s wallet.

7. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep with a satin pillow case.

silk pillow case
Image: Amazon

Believe it or not, silk pillow cases are known to reduce wrinkles. So she can keep up her beauty regime while she sleeps!

8. Replenish her favorite perfume that is pricey.

Mom has spent your entire lifetime taking care of you, providing for you while struggling to make ends meet. Buying her that perfume that she’s been wearing for as long as you can remember is the sweetest and thoughtful gesture!

9. Surprise her with a blow out from Drybar for when she’s feeling fancy AF.

dry bar
Image: Dry Bar

Is there a better way to shower her with your love than a blow out from one of the best salons in the city?

10. Birchbox’s dry shampoo starter kit is perfect for when she’s on the go.

birch box dry shampoo
Image: BirchBox

It comes with cute samples from high-end, quality shampoo lines.

11. Help her shake off the stress she’s been dealing with all day with a pain relief eye mask.

sleeping mask
Image: Amazon

This is the greatest invention to ever exist, period.

12. Give her a DIY manicure with her favorite nail care line.

OPI nail polish
Image: OPI

This is the perfect excuse to spend more time with your mom and thank her for being the greatest love in your life!