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15 Beauty Hacks For Lazy People

We all have days where we’re stretched for time. Or maybe you’re tired, or just plain lazy. On these days, taking even 10 minutes in front of the mirror can feel like a herculean task. Luckily, these beauty hacks for lazy people have got you covered.

Invest in multi-purpose products: Look for products that cut down time by achieving multiple steps in one go. A popular example is BB Cream, which functions as a serum, lotion, SPF, primer and foundation.

Invest in root treatments: Don’t have time to dye all your hair? Get a root touch-up kit.

Get creative with what you accent: Only accent your lips or eyes to save time. That’ll mean either a good lip liner and lipstick or some mascara and eye shadow. Easy.

Only wash your bangs: If you have bangs, you know how greasy they can be in the morning. Wash only them to cut back time.

Invest in swimmer’s towels: Need to dry hair fast? Get an absorbent swimmer’s towel, and cut the time you’d use on heat dryers.

Peppermint oil for plump lips: Sick of trying to exfoliate lips for that plump look? Just add some peppermint essential oil to your lip gloss, a few drops will do it. You’ll get instant plumping.

Go for a low-maintenance hairstyle: Get one of those hairstyles that take basically no care whatsoever, like a straight or curly natural look.

Cut your showering time: Wash your roots in the sink or invest in a good dry shampoo.

Get multi-purposed with your makeup: With a thin makeup brush, you can use lipstick as lip color, eye shadow and blush. Just go lightly for natural eye shadow and blush looks.

Skip washing with these hairstyles: Turban scarfs or messy buns look great on days you couldn’t wash your hair.

Cut time with sheet masks: If you don’t have time for slopping the usual facial recipes on your skin, go with sheet masks. They’re usually quick and you can do other things while wearing them.

Get a makeup seal: Don’t want the extra steps for keeping your makeup in place, or sick of reapplying makeup? Just get a spray product like Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer.

Tame flyaways fast: Either spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush those flyaways in place, or add a few drops of coconut oil to your hands, rub your hands together and run your hands through your hair.

Use face wipes: For those nights when all you can do is fall into bed, just use a cleansing face wipe beforehand, rather than your full nighttime routine.

Get smart with makeup: Have the one piece of makeup that gives your face character so you can apply it in one go. Good options include lip color products or mascara.