cat nail art
Image: Lulus

15 Cutest Character Nail Art Designs You’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to nail art, you’re only limited by your imagination. Pinterest has proven that time and time again with everything from Disney characters to puppy dogs adorning nails. Below are some cute ideas for dressing up your nails with simply a few shades of nail polish and a thin nailbrush. For the non-artistically inclined, nail stickers are always an option.

Deadpool nail art: Celebrate the recent release of Deadpool (finally) with a cute nail design. You’ll only need a red background, two black half-circles and some white dots for eyes.

Cheshire cat: If you have some real artistic talent, you can draw the Cheshire cat on one nail and some pink and purple-striped nails to go along with it. Adorable.

Mickey nails: While we’re on about Disney, simply draw a black outline of the Mickey head (three simple circles) against a red or white background.

Piggy nails: Some pale pink base polish with a dark pink oval, dark dot nostrils and some black eyes will make an easy and cute design.

Superhero nails: Get creative with some common super hero images, like Captain America’s star shield.

Elephant nails: Show your love for elephants by drawing one on your nails with grey polish. Or opt for a sticker.

Kitty nails: An adorable general kitty is easy enough to draw. A cartoonish straight-on look will just require a head outline, ears, whiskers, eyes and a smile.

Fish nails: Fish range in the easy-to-draw area, just a circle and some light flicks for tailfins. Add some bubbles for added character.

Cow nails: Cow nails are super easy. You’ll need a white base, a pink upper tip of the nail, two dots on each color for eyes and nostrils and some added splotches for cow spots on the white part.

Penguin nails: These are also beginner-friendly. You’ll just need a black half-oval leading from the tip of the nail, a white oval inside the black part (leaving a widow’s peak for the forehead), an orange triangle for the beak and some dots for eyes.

Pac-Man nails: Think you can handle a yellow circle with a wedge cut out of it? Go for Pac-Man, along with some easy ghosts (basically a half-oval with a zig-zag pattern on the bottom).

Minion nails: Go for yellow nails with some big Minion eyeballs, goggles and smiles, or you can easily find stickers for these. Minion stuff is everywhere—I dare you to not find Minion nail stickers.

Darth Vader nails: Sci-fi fans will love this idea. Get a Dark Vader nail sticker for one nail, and write your favorite dark side quote on the other nails. A great example: “Come to the dark side, we have cookies.”

Paw print nails: Animal lovers will adore this idea. Just put down a shimmery base coat and draw black paw prints on top. The shimmer makes it look like the paw prints are floating. A gel topcoat will also help with this illusion.

Bee nails: Paint a striped oval with some smaller oval wings and you’ve got yourself a bee. Feel free to have yellow and black striped accent nails with it.