Natural Spa Ingredients homemade facial masks and natural ingredients for skin care on wooden table.
Image: Shutterstock/Kerdkanno

Acne seems to pop up at the worst possible times, as if it knows. Weddings, photo shoots, parties, you name it. But there are several ways to keep skin healthy and fight back those unsightly blemishes. One of those ways is using a facial mask geared for fighting and preventing acne. Below are several DIY face masks that are easy to make at home.

To use these recipes, put the mixture on your face for about thirty minutes right after washing your face. Then rinse well. Use each once or twice per week.

Here are our favorite DIY face masks for banishing acne.

Apple cider vinegar and green tea: Combine one part apple cider vinegar, two parts strong, cool green tea and one part raw honey. You can also add sugar to texture preference and use this mixture as a scrub to exfoliate and open up pores. The apple cider vinegar will balance the skin’s pH and work as an astringent, the raw honey has antibacterial qualities and the green tea will add antioxidants to the mix.

Turmeric: Combine one part turmeric powder, one part raw honey and one part milk. Milk will soothe the skin and turmeric is antibacterial against acne.

Cucumber and oat: Cucumber is great as a natural astringent, and oats will soothe the skin. The whole concoction will get rid of excess oil. Blend two parts cucumber and one part oats together, with a dollop of optional raw honey. Massage for a minute and then let the mixture sit.

Aloe vera and honey: Aloe vera is a traditional abrasion soother due to its strong anti-inflammatory qualities. Combine equal parts raw honey and 100% natural aloe vera gel.

Kaolin clay: Unless you’re a natural beauty diehard, you’ve probably never heard of kaolin clay. This wonder product purifies the skin, cleans out pores and helps control oil levels in the skin. Simply add water to form a paste.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a natural skin soother and softener. And it’s great for reducing inflammation. Make a small batch of steel cut oatmeal and apply it to your face. You can also try adding a few tablespoons of raw honey for added skin benefits.

Egg whites: Egg whites are a strong skin healer and can get rid of excess oil. Simply slather about two to three egg whites on your face.

Baking soda: Baking soda will clear up oil, offer an antibacterial quality and will help clear out dead skin cells. Add water to baking soda to form a paste, scrub your skin for a couple minutes and let this one sit for 15-20 minutes, as baking soda can be more harsh.

Bentonite clay: This is another popular product for purifying the skin. With water added to form a paste, this clay latches onto impurities in the skin and sucks them right out.

Activated charcoal: Activated charcoal has also long been used to pull impurities out of the pores. Mix the powder with water or apple cider vinegar until it forms a paste.

Honey and avocado: Avocado is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E. Combine equal parts raw honey and mushed avocado.

Yogurt and honey: Plain yogurt can soothe skin and get rid of redness. It’s a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, which can help with cell turnover. Simply combine equal parts yogurt and raw honey.

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is a popular natural acne fighter for a reason. It’s very strong in the antibacterial department, while reducing redness and getting rid of excess oil. Add a couple drops of tea tree essential oil to a dollop of aloe vera gel.

Cinnamon and honey: Combine one part cinnamon to two parts raw honey. Cinnamon is a strong anti-inflammatory and is antimicrobial.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda: For a more pure boost of the disinfecting, astringent and balancing properties of apple cider vinegar, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and baking soda.