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15 easy “no makeup” makeup hacks

Flash and glamour are always great, but sometimes all you need is a little elegant simplicity. As much as we wish we could all be like Beyoncé and wake up looking fabulous, sometimes it actually takes a bevy of products and some great technique to create that perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

Get out your tinted moisturizer and your favorite nude eyeshadow palette because these helpful makeup hacks are here to help!

Prepare your skin: A proper cleansing and moisturizer are the true base for any good makeup look. Make sure your face is adequately clean and hydrated before you do anything else.

Always wear a primer: The second step in any good beauty routine, a quality primer can help tighten and blur pores, mattify, and soak up excess oils, making your skin look next to flawless.

Utilize tinted moisturizer: In lieu of a heavy liquid foundation, tinted moisturizers even out the skin tone perfectly without the weight of tons of product, helping achieve a more simple, lightweight look.

Concealer is your friend: Eyes, nose, chin, forehead, any problem areas should be adequately tackled by a perfectly matching concealer, even further helping to creating the appearance of flaw-free skin.

A little mascara goes a long way: Everyone loves a bold lash, but when it comes to a more low-key look, less is definitely more. Add a coat or two of your favorite mascara to add a little volume and open your eyes up a bit.

Nudes, nudes, nudes: When it comes to both lip products and eyeshadows, nude colors are the way to go. Nudes offer a more natural, look without making your face seem too bare.

Skip the eyeliner: We know that the cat-eye is all the rage these days, but the bold effect that eyeliner gives off might not be the best for this specific look.

Give yourself a natural flush: Add a nice, rosy cream blush to your cheeks to create the appearance of a natural flush, doing this will add a bit of color and life to this simple style.

Love those brows: Do yourself a favor and keep those bold, well-groomed brows intact. While it may be best to skip using numerous products, filling them in with a natural color will give your look a bit of character and your face a bold focal point.

Make yourself glow: If you want to create a nice, natural glow on your cheekbones and nose, using a liquid highlighter is an awesome way to give you the gorgeous shimmer you want.

Keep the eyeshadow to a minimum: Instead of going with an eye-catching, bold color scheme for your eyes, pick one or two colors out of your favorite nude palette for a nice, muted but gorgeous, statement.

Exfoliate your lips: Using a simple homemade sugar scrub or an exfoliating chapstick, rid your lips of excess dead and peeling skin to give your mouth a nice, natural look and feel.

Powder lightly: If you happen to be particularly oily, dusting your t-zone with a little bit of translucent powder will help control the shine without completely ridding your face of it’s natural glow.

Skip the contour: Contouring might be fun (and gorgeous) but the end result has a tendency to come off as being a bit harsh. It’s better to skip the process altogether if you’re looking to create a more natural look.

Make sure you set it: Lightly spraying your face with a setting spray will ensure that your makeup lasts for as long as possible without becoming sloppy.