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15 Excellent Beauty Hacks For Vaseline

When it comes to beauty products, Vaseline sits on the decidedly unsexy end of the spectrum. It comes in this little clear tub, you get it from the same part of the store where bandages and foot powder come from and it has a nasty reputation as an old person’s ointment. Yet it has been around forever because it is insanely versatile and useful, not to mention inexpensive. Below are a myriad of beauty hacks for Vaseline.

Protect skin from hair dye: Don’t have the steadiest hand when it comes to applying your own hair dye? Sick of that dyed stripe by your hairline when you’ve finished? Apply some Vaseline along your hairline to act as a barrier between the dye and your skin.

Make a lip stain: Lip stains are a fun DIY project because you can customize shades and feel self-sufficient by making your own products. You can mix beetroot powder, hibiscus powder, Kool-Aid and even melted crayons with your Vaseline to get a unique shade. Add the coloring agent to your color preference.

Get perfect nails: Like hair dye, nail polish can go where you don’t want it to if you’re not absolutely perfect with application. Since we’re only human, apply some Vaseline to the area around the nail with a Q-tip to prevent nail polish from going where it shouldn’t.

Stop hangnails: Apply Vaseline to your cuticle beds for some hardcore moisture, which is the first defense against hangnails.

Hydrate the face: You can also use Vaseline as a makeshift, budget face cream if you have very dry skin. Apply at night before bed.

Remove faux eyelashes: Since eyelash glue is meant to be sticky, it can be a pain to remove fake eyelashes. Rub Vaseline along the base of your eyelashes, and those faux lashes will come right off.

Easy lip balm: Rub Vaseline on your lips to eliminate dryness and cracking.

Remove makeup: Vaseline is also a great makeup remover. Just apply some Vaseline to a cotton ball or face sponge, and then use it to wipe away makeup.

DIY body scrub: Combine Vaseline with sea salt and scrub away. Use about one part sea salt to two parts Vaseline, though feel free to adjust the sea salt amount to preference.

Help with self-tanner: Add Vaseline to your dry areas, like elbows, before you self-tan. That way, the tanner won’t streak as it fails to hold on to the dry parts evenly.

Smooth down hair: Have a frizz day? Apply a small drop of Vaseline to your palms, rub your hands together and run your hands through your hair. That will take care of flyaways.

Prevent scars: Burned yourself? Apply some Vaseline to the area to give skin some healing moisture, which will reduce scars as the skin heals faster and easier.

Lip exfoliator: Combine granulated sugar and Vaseline for some easy lip exfoliation and hydration. Use one part sugar to two pars Vaseline, though you can also adjust the amount of sugar for more or less exfoliation, depending on your needs. Scrub your lips with the mixture for about one minute.

Stop chaffing: Chaffing marks are a beauty no-no. Rub a light layer of Vaseline around troubled areas to reduce friction. Keeping the layer light will reduce any oily, gross feelings.

Get rid of dry feet and elbows: Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to your elbows and dry feet before bed. Put socks or fabric over the area and go to sleep. Rinse the goop off in the morning, and you won’t believe how smooth the area is.