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15 Eye Shadow Trends To Watch For In 2016

Smokey eye. Golden accents. Lively blue. It’s a wide world when it comes to eye shadow styles. Below are some top trends to get the most show-stopping eyes. Just about any brand should work for these looks.

Sparkly smoky eye: When doing a smoky eye, choose an eye shadow with a bit of shimmer to it for a bright spark.

Cotton candy smoky eye: Nothing beats a gorgeous smoky eye. But if you’d like a little color you can apply the same smoky eye technique using pink eye shadow near the inside of the eye and black or dark blue near the outside.

Dark rocker eyes: For this look, go heavy on the eyeliner and choose a dark charcoal eye shadow. Apply liberally.

Bronze smoky eye: Instead of going dark with the smoky eye, use a bronze shade on the eye for a more natural look.

Silvery shimmer eyes: A bright silver eye shadow is a classy way to accent the eye and add brightness to an appearance.

Lime green: This is a creative statement color. Use heavy eyeliner, add a layer of the brightest lime green shadow and then go with an intense deeper green for the upper eyelid.

Galaxy eye shadow: Get this far out look by combing green and dark blue metallic eye shadows. Green should go closest to the eyelashes, and then layer with the dark blue on top. Have an optional thin line of darker green between the two, and outline the shades with an optional small amount of bronze shadow.

Purple eye: An understated, light purple is a popular choice right now for eye shadow.

Sparkling champagne: A nice glittery shade of natural beige will look great for parties.

Mint eye: For a bright appearance that isn’t too shocking, choose a bright mint green shade for your eyes.

Rainbow: Don’t be afraid to go with multiple shades if you’re in the mood for a statement look. Layer some lime green eye shadow right above and around the inner part of the eye. Color the top of the eyelid a sky blue. Line the bottom with a deep violet.

Golden candlelit eyes: For this look, line the area right above the eyelashes with a muted gold. Put a neutral skin tone shadow on the upper part of the eyelid.  

Pink and plumb: Plumb eyeliner is a great shade to put near the top of the eyelid. Keep a bright pink close to the eye and layer with a deep plumb for a multifaceted look.

Blue and plumb: The same goes as above. Blue and plumb complement each other perfectly. Go heavier on the blue and accent lightly with plumb near the top of the eyelid.

Golden cat eye: Line the eye with a light gold shade of eye shadow, and then draw a basic cat eye with eyeliner.