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15 Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Beauty Sleep

When you think about, it’s flooring how much of our lives we waste sleeping. A full third of our time on this planet… lying there. Maybe it’s time to put that stretch of your day to greater use. By thinking ahead before bedtime, you can gain all sorts of added beauty benefits for the next morning. All while you asleep. Now that’s making the most of your beauty sleep.

Take care of rough spots: Have rough elbows or feet? Apply a thick layer of coconut oil before bed to the area, cover with some cloth like socks and wash off in the morning. All night you’ll be moisturizing those rough, cracked areas.

Keep hair fresh: Sick of going to bed and waking up with greasy hair? Before-bed products like Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair keep your locks safe from that gross morning oiliness.

Fight those dark spots: Since dark spot treatments take time to work and require a break from the sunlight, apply a vitamin C lightening serum right before bed.

Better sleep through aromatherapy: Apply a massage oil with lavender and vanilla scents right under your ears, and put a drop on your chest. You can also do the same with essential oils. You can even find aromatherapy pillow mists with soothing scents.

Remove makeup: This is in the common sense realm, but it’s so easy to forget after a long day when the thought of even moving is pure agony. But it will keep pores clear and prevent breakouts while you sleep. Try to cleanse before bed, as well.

DIY hair conditioning: Get the best of nourished, manageable locks by massaging coconut oil into your hair before bed. Keep under a shower cap or towel, and rinse it out in the morning.

Anti-aging while you sleep: It’s never too early to start thinking about anti-aging. It’s better to think prevention over rescue. Apply an anti-aging serum before bed to keep your skin youthful and vibrant, or repair damage that the days have already caused.

Beauty sleep hair styling: Style your hair while you sleep. For gorgeous waves, put styling cream into your hair, tie your hair into two buns on either side of your head and then hit the hay. For straight hair, wrap damp hair around your head with clips, keeping it as straight as possible.

Smell sweet in the morning: Put a scented body cream on at night to simmer in those sweet scents. If you’d like to make your own, simply combine several drops of your favorite essential oil with some shea butter.

Overnight acne remedy: A drying lotion product can actually reduce the size of any nasty breakout that might pop up overnight.

Prevent hangnails: Before bed, apply moisturizer to your cuticles. Argan or coconut oil should work. Some oil before bed will prevent hangnails the next day.

Sleep masks are a must: Sleep mask creams are popular for a reason. They hydrate and even out skin tone overnight.

Take care of dry lips: There’s nothing worse than waking up to cracked, chapped lips. Add a balm or lip mask product right before bed.

Great skin pillowcases: Silk pillowcases are a beauty sleep essential. The smooth texture prevents breakouts, wrinkles and broken hair strands. One such product you can try is the iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, which is made to help skin’s appearance.

Overnight aloe: Simply spread some organic aloe juice or gel on your face before bed. The anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing benefits will help control blemishes while you sleep.