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15 Ideas For The Cutest Valentine’s Day Nails

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be looking ahead at styles to choose for that night. Whether you’ve got a hot date or you’re going out with a group of friends, don’t forget to style your nails. From heart stencils to deep red polish, below are some inspiring ideas for Valentine’s Day nails.

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Kiss nails: Nothing says Valentine’s Day like adorable nails with lip marks on them. You can paint a pink or lavender base and draw the lip shapes on top, or use a stencil pattern.

Classy, bright pink: If you want to keep it easy and fun, go for any brand of bright pink nail polish. It’ll tie into the holiday and make a statement.

XO Nails: This is an easy idea for nails. Paint a base coat and add little X’s and O’s. It should be a cinch for even the most artistically challenged among us.

Red tips: A gorgeous way to accent your nails is to put red tips over a white base. Bonus points for making the tips look like little inverted hearts.

Deep, heart’s blood red: Keep it classy with a timeless deep red that will tie into the Valentine’s Day color scheme.

Heart it up: Can’t forget the classic heart shape. You can draw these on or use a stencil pattern.

Bright red: Here’s another easy idea that will stand out. Go with any brand of bright, cherry red. 

Red with a white accent nail: Accent nails are a fun way to shake things up. Go with all red or pink nails and have a bright white accent nail that pops.

Get artsy: A base color or pattern with Valentine’s Day themed drawings over it is a fun way to go. Get a nail art pen and draw fun images like hearts, “I Love You” messages and even stick figures holding hands. Get creative with it.

“Love” your nails: No, literally. Write “love” on your nails. You can put one letter on each finger with a heart on your thumb or write “love” on a single nail with a nail art pen.

Pink and red polka dots: A fun, playful idea is to paint little pink and red polka dots on your nails with a white base coat underneath.

Valentine’s Day stripes: Stripes are a fun, yet classy, way to do your nails year-round. Go for a Valentine’s Day theme with the use of a red, pink and white color scheme.

Heart balloons: A fun way to denote celebration is to paint little balloons that are shaped like hearts. Just draw a heart, a little tie at the bottom and a black string.

Pink roses: Nail stencils with realistic rose patterns are a classy way to celebrate the holiday.

Red/pink sparkles: Nothing says celebration like sparkles. Go for red or pink sparkly accents on your nails.