granny hair trend
Image: Tanya Bedi

15 looks that will convince you to try granny hair

Granny hair is still as popular as ever. One of the most awesome aspects of this look is its sheer versatility. From gunmetal grey to white, from solid to highlights, there are tons of ways to pull off #grannyhair that can fit your individual style.

Dark-to-light ombre: This is one of the most popular ways to wear granny hair. It starts with a dark grey, peppery shade at the top of the hair and leads into waves and highlights of silvery white.

White, purple and blue: If you want to give granny hair a punk twist, go white and then add in chunky highlights of pastel blue and light violet. Stunning.

White highlights: A gunmetal or peppery base with white highlights throughout is one of the coolest looks in the granny hair trend.

Slight grey highlights: A more subtle look is a black shade with thick highlights of gunmetal grey. It’s called charcoal hair.

All grey: This simple look just involves going with one shade of dark grey.

Pastel waves: A very light, soft grey worn in wavy hair with tons of volume is an amazing look.

Subtle grey brunette: Want granny hair, but don’t want to verge too much into statement hair? One option is to start with an ashy brunette shade at the top of the hair and lead into a subtle dark grey ombre at the bottom of the hair.

Bright silver: Make a statement with bright, bold silver throughout.

Black-to-grey ombre: For another subtle granny hair idea, simply start with black at the top of the hair, and at the very ends of the hair lead into a gradual grey-to-silver look. It’s a great way to try out or ease into granny hair.

Silver-to-white ombre: Start silver and lead into an ombre white at the bottom of the hair for a look that shines.

Blue overtones: Going for that shade of grey that seems to have a pastel blue cast is a fun way to wear this look.

Rose granny hair: White hair with a cast of the palest pink is a neat take on the granny hair trend.

Violet overcast: Another overtone look is a lovely, soft and subtle violet.

Dark roots: Go granny hair with any type of shade, and keep dark roots for a bit of contrast. Plus that means you won’t have to touch up your roots as often if you have dark hair naturally.

Smokey brunette: Similar to grey brunette, smokey brunette is the darkest, softest grey you can apply all over to brunette hair.