Make-up artist work on her friend.Real people.
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15 Makeup Artist Tricks Anyone Can Apply

Have you ever looked at those makeup artist tricks on YouTube and thought, wow, I could totally pull that off…if I only had the time and steady hands? Worry no more. There are tons of easy ways to pull off makeup artist tricks that can be quick too. Below are several pro tricks for even the most basic of skill levels.

Mix foundation with moisturizer: If you want a lighter, more dewy appearance, mix your foundation with a small bit of moisturizer to color preference.

Match products with the inside of your arm: One makeup no-no most of us commit is to match products like foundation to the back of our hands. The inner arm is a more true color comparison.

Mix foundation with a little creamy white eye shadow: This is another trick for getting your foundation lighter and giving your look some radiance, especially when you go paler from being outside less.

Make lipstick last with translucent powder: Apply a layer of translucent powder over your freshly colored lips to keep the color put.

Powder is a must for photos: You’ll especially want powder on your forehead and nose to reduce shine from the flash.

Blush before foundation: If you want your blush to look subtle, and kind of glow from within, put it on right before your foundation. Make sure to use enough for it to show through, but not so much that it looks fake.

Add concealer to the outer edges of your lips: To really create a defined lip look, use concealer around your lips. It’s great for smoothing out any lip color mistakes, too.

Go for beautyblender sponges: These are created to match the contours of your face and will allow for more even coverage.

Use concealer the right way: Most of us just dot concealer on the dark circles under our eyes. But you’re supposed to do an inverted triangle pattern going down to your mid-cheek under each eye for better blending and highlighting.

Get some Rosebud Salve: You can use this product for a healthy glow on your lips, around your eyes or on your cheekbones.

Become great at blending: Makeup artists universally state the importance of blending. Practice light flicking motions, feathering the makeup outward until it is totally blended in.

Know where to put your blush: Most of us just slather blush on our cheeks and call it a day. For a classy, light and sculpted look, apply it high on your check bones away from your nose.

Put color corrector on lips before lipstick: For a really radiant look to lip color, cancel out the color of your lips with color corrector. It’ll be like painting on a blank canvas or applying hair color to bleached hair. You’ll get a bolder color.

Use lipstick for everything: A fun, classic hack is to get a makeup brush and apply your lipstick to your lips, but also to your cheeks and eyelids. Apply lightly for a sophisticated look.

Remember the eye cream: It’s not just for grandma. It can create radiant eyes at any age.