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15 New Ways To Wear Braids

Braids are a classy, versatile hairstyle that everyone should know how to do. They are great at masking slightly dirty hair, you can use them in damp hair to make natural-looking wavy hair and they give off a Scandinavian princess vibe, especially since Frozen came out. Below are 15 ways to wear this classic hairstyle outside of your basic three-strand braid and French braid.

Bohemian braid: This is one of the easiest and trendiest looks right now. Simply braid a single three-strand braid into straight, long hair. You can also combine it with a second small French braid.

Fishtail braid: This is a classic look that seems to take a back row seat to three-strand and French braids. The look is achieved by basically weaving two spirals: you separate hair into two sections and keep pulling small bits from the bottom of one section over to the other, alternating each time, so you get a double spiral pattern.

Braid knot bun: Simply braid hair with the traditional three-stand method, then tie up a bun, wrapping the braid around the hair tie and pinning it. You’ll be left with an easy knot style in the back.

Twist braid: Want a braid look, but aren’t great at keeping the strands apart? Just separate a ponytail into two strands and twist them around each other for a quick, classy look.

Half up braid: Pull hair into a simple half updo and braid the strand that falls downwards from the hair tie. Perfect for days when you want a little style with minimum effort.

Dutch pigtails: Dutch braids are like French braids, but the braid stands out (sometimes called an inverted French braid). Basically you just weave the three strands under each other, instead of over, so the braid stands outwards. Tie the braids down the back of your head and tie two pigtails.

Half crown braid: Tie two three-strand braids on either side of your head right above your ears. Pin the braids around the back of your head to form a braided half crown.

Combination braid: Another option is to do a French braid on top and lead into a fishtail braid, or feel free to match it up any other way.

Round-the-world braid: Simply do a French braid in a spiral pattern around the crown area.

Waterfall braid: This is a classy, romantic look. Basically you do a French braid around the back of your head, but drop the outermost strand at the bottom that you’d normally pull over, making it hang down.

Braid and bun: With this look, braid around the back of your hair, letting the bottom third of your hair hang down. Use the loose hair and the braid length to tie a bun, hiding the end of the braid.

Fishtail knot: Braid two fishtails from your temples, leaving them loose from the rest of your hair. Tie only partial braids, leave the last third of your hair free. Lead them around the back of your head for a half updo, and then tie one loose hair strand around the other and pin, leaving a knot pattern.

Flower braid: For this look, make a French braid from your temple back, leading into a fishtail braid. Pin some of the surrounding loose hair and one of the braid lengths into a circle pattern at the back of your head, forming a half updo. Make sure the loose hair is on top of the circle pattern. Leave one fishtail braid leading down.

Topsy-turvy braid: A popular look is a French braid from the bottom up, so you end up with an upside down braid. You then tie the top part into a messy bun. It’s classy, but casual.

The milkmaid: This classic look is created when you tie a very long three-strand braid and wrap it around your head in a crown pattern. It’s a great look for very long hair or extensions.