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Shoulder length hair is the best of both worlds. It provides some of the styling ability and charm of long hair, with the smaller amount upkeep of shorter hair. So with that in mind, below are some of the trendiest looks for shoulder length hair.

Curled-in layers

One of the most popular ways to add some style to shoulder length hair is to give it some layers. Give the look added texture by curling the layers in slightly.

Pencil straight

The flip side is to go for a classic, straight look with a basic middle part.

Side part with layers

For a gorgeous, romantic look, part hair at one side and lead the hair over the forehead. Add tons of voluminous layers for added flair.

Bouncy layers

This look involves layered hair that’s teased at the top to give the style real personality and charm.

Cheekbone layers

This look involves layering hair up to the cheekbones for a highly dimensioned look. Bonus points if those layers are curled in slightly.

Side part

A basic side part with shoulder length hair is a good way to give your face that mysterious, half-hidden look.

Playful curls

Adding curls to the bottom of shoulder length hair is a great way to add some classic charm to the look.

Side-swept bangs

Cut some bangs and sweep them to the side for a put-together look that works for any occasion.

Full bangs

Another idea is to have full, thick bangs for a look that goes great with heavy eye makeup.

Slight curl

Somewhere between subtle beach weaves and curly hair lies a subtle curl that looks great in shoulder length hair.

Bold highlights

Don’t forget to accent the look with hair color, if you want. Highlights, whether fine or chunky, are a great way to add dimension to this look.

Voluminous bedhead

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Keep hair teased, wavy and natural for a bedhead look that works well with this length of hair. Have hair too long, and bedhead styles can give you unending tangles.

Slight roots

Another way to add some dimension to the look is to let colored hair grow out so it has a slight root, maybe an inch or two. It can really break up some of the straighter styles.

Volume at the back

Have hair straight in the front, and pump it up in the back for a look that can make hair seem much thicker than it really is.