gold glitter tipped white nails
Image: Polyvore

15 Stunning New Year’s Eve Nail Art Trends

Headed off to a New Year’s party? Don’t forget to go in style with a creative and classy manicure. From wintery themes to celebratory sparkles, you’ll have your share of trends to choose from.

Silver Glitter

Nothing says “celebration” like a classic, silver shimmer. Classic silver also goes with any New Year’s Eve outfit. Try: China Glaze Silver Lining.

Firework Nails

Harness New Year’s fireworks in your look with firework designs on your nails. Any black nail polish will do, then draw or stencil on firework patterns. It will look like fireworks are exploding against a night sky.

fireworks nail art on black manicure
Image: Divine Caroline

Dazzling Sequins

Capture the confetti celebrations of New Year’s with a sequin effect for your nails. Try: Alexa Sequin from nails inc.

Let It Snow

Celebrate winter with snowflake patterns. A patterned stencil will work here.

snowflake nail art on red manicure
Image: Hative

Sparkly Accents

Sparkle accents are all the rage right now. It’s a festive look to try for any New Year’s party. Just layer any sparkly nail polish over a brightly colored polish for a stunning effect. Silver glitter polish over bright pink looks particularly stunning. Add the glitter just at the bottom or top of the nail for an accented effect.

Bling It Up

Adding rhinestones to your nails is a great way to get a festive look. You’ll probably need a manicure for this look.

Cool Blue

You can’t go wrong in the winter months with a cool blue shade. You’ll capture the pristine glow of fresh snow in the moonlight. Try: Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Attitude.

New Year’s Nails

One creative idea is to paint the upcoming year on your nails: one number per finger with a plain thumb. If you want to get really creative, you can put the past year on your non-dominant hand and the upcoming year on your dominant one.

Marble Grey Blend

One popular trend is to blend black and white polishes together to get a customized gray matte finish. This classy color will go with any look.

Starry Night

A black glitter look will be classy on New Year’s. Try: Starry Night by Llarowe.

starry night black glitter nail polish
Image: Chalkboard Nails

Metallic Multi-Tones

Metallic tones make a statement at any party. Try: Deborah Lippmann Fantastical Holiday Nail Lacquer, Dream Weaver.

Silver Fishbone

Hand drawn designs are all the rage. A silver fishbone on a black background is a creative accent for your nails.

fishbone nail art
Image: Pinterest

Party Scenes

If you have a flair for drawing, go for party art on your nails. Tux and bowtie patterns, images of cityscapes, and watches will all tie into a New Year’s party theme.

Go Abstract

Take two or three nail polishes, any brand will do. Apply a base color to your nails and then dab on one or two colors. Swirl with a toothpick and let dry. You’ll be left with a customized abstract pattern that is sure to wow.

Nail Art Pen Lines

Really customize your look with nail art pens. Some basic lines will add a huge impact without requiring tons of artistic skill. Sally Hansen has a pretty popular line of nail art pens called “I Heart Nail Art Pen.”