Beautiful manicure. Nail polish being applied to hand, polish is a blue color. Blue background closeup
Image: Shutterstock/Minszka

15 Ways To Rock Nail Stencil Art

Looking to spice up your nails for an upcoming event? You can’t go wrong with nail stencil art. The customization potential is endless, yet you still have a premade guide for those of us who lean on the more artistically challenged side. Plus, they’re super easy to use. Just stick them on and paint in or around them, then peel them off. Below are some of the top trends to try today.

Fishbone pattern: One of the most popular options is the classic, geometric fishbone pattern. A classy nude and white pattern is great for dress events.

Hawaiian flowers: This is a perfect look for beach outings and vacations. A given for luau-themed parties.

Broken glass: This look is mainly achieved through nail stickers, but you can find stencils for this look, as well. It’s not as three-dimensional, but it’s still a pretty effect.

Hearts: This is a perfect look for date night. A popular look is a white base with pink hearts on top, though feel free to switch it up for a unique look.

Flowers: A full flower stencil will lend a sweet, innocent look to an appearance.

Geometric lines: A popular look is random lines that cross the nail, usually in pairs. It’s a classy look that goes with anything.

Mermaid scales: This look is a very popular image on Pinterest. It’s a cute style for beach outings.

Zebra stripes: Zebra stripes are sure to look sassy, especially if you do a bright basecoat like teal and put the black stripes over it.

Plaid: There are plenty of nail stencils that come in a cubed pattern, and when painted over, give a stunning plaid look.

Flower petals: This pattern is, of course, flower petals by themselves, rather than the full flower designs you normally see. A great idea for general spring looks.

Moroccan pattern: You’ll notice Moroccan patterns all over Pinterest, so you know this is trending. If you’re not familiar with it, it usually comes as four-pronged spots that are in a geometric, even design. It looks charming and sophisticated.

Zig-zag: This pattern is hot right now, and looks great as an accent nail.

Palm trees: Perfect for trips to the beach or on vacations. Black palm trees in front of sunset orange and pink base colors look stunning.

Stars: It works for both nighttime events or patriotic holidays. Go for yellow stars against a midnight blue background for nighttime events, or red/blue stars against a white background for a patriotic look.

Raindrops: Sometimes this style will go by the name “mermaid tail,” but it mainly tends to look like raindrops. Perfect for the spring season or when you’re off to the beach.