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15 Ways To Use Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a lifesaver if you are looking for a longer hairstyle, but you cut your hair not too long ago or you prefer to keep your hair short for easier maintenance. And one of the best parts of hair extensions is their sheer versatility. There are tons of trendy ways to use hair extensions.

Voluminous curls: Clip-in extensions can help you get the texture and volume you want. You can find ready-to-style extensions that will allow you to twist them into curls.

“Messy” hair: This is perfect if you’re looking for a long, curvy and wild look. Curl your hair, and then brush it out. Then add curled extensions.

High ponytail: A basic high ponytail is easy to make with a hair extension piece. Just tie a tight ponytail at the top of your hair, using gel to smooth the hair leading to the tail. Then add a clip-in ponytail piece around the hair tie.

Side ponytail: All you need to do with this look is add in long, straight extensions and tie a ponytail to the side of your neck.

Flower tail: Pull up a high ponytail and add a ponytail extension. Add flowers to the side of your hair leading to the ponytail for a romantic look.

Loose, low ponytail: Simply style your hair straight and add in straight extensions. Tie a ponytail at the base of your neck. Add a decorative barrette over the hair tie.

Loose bun: With this look, just add long and straight extensions and tie a loose bun by making a ponytail and twisting hair around the hair tie. Secure the hair with bobby pins.

Romantic loose bun: Tie the bun to the side and add a flower above the bun for a whimsical look.

Instant bangs: Want some bangs for a day? Find a clip-in extension that clips to the top of your head and gives you bangs—brand new look without the scissors. How great is that?

Short & long: Here’s a statement look—have one side short and one side long. Brush your hair with a part to one side of your forehead. Add in extensions near the part and have them fall to the longest side of the part so that hair is longer on one side.

Long & straight: This list wouldn’t be complete without a long and straight look. This will just require basic straight and long extensions, as the name suggests.

Fairy princess long: One of the joys of hair extensions is that you can have your hair as long as you want with none of the obsessions over keeping it healthy and split end free without trims. Get super-long extensions and have flowering hair down to the top of your legs, if you want.

Braided across the top: This popular faux option is perfect if you want a romantic look. You can buy a headband with faux hair braided to make it look like a natural braid across the top of your head. It looks great paired with hair pulled up in a banana clip and left to look messy. It’s also great with voluminous looks.

Rainbow highlights: One of the best uses for extensions is to get a punky look for a specific concert without having to reach for the chemicals. Find extensions in rocker rainbow colors and simply clip them into you hair at random spots for a chunky highlighted look.

Ombre extensions: You can also buy colored extensions that give off an ombre look. No chemicals required.