grey matte nail polish and coffee mug
Image: BuzzFeed

Most nail polish leaves a glossy, slick finish, but these days matte polish is the hottest trend. Instead of searching for these matte colors and spending a lot of money replacing your nail polish collection, try our DIY nail polish matte. This two-step tutorial is unbelievably quick and simple and only requires two ingredients. In just two steps you’ll have sophisticated, modern nails.

Here’s how to create our DIY matte nail polish.


  • Clear topcoat
  • Pinch of cornstarch


  1. Pour some of your clear topcoat polish on a paper plate. Mix in a pinch of cornstarch until you get a cloudy consistency.
  2. After your nails are painted, apply this cloudy topcoat for instant matte nails. It’s as simple as that!