Spring is here, and as always, the warmer weather and greenery is inspiring us to do some spring cleaning and our own DIY projects. We have pulled together three all-natural DIY ideas to transform your bathroom so you can fully harness the power and beauty of spring.

Natural Cleaner

DIY Natural Lemon and Vinegar Bathroom Cleaner
Image: The Bulk Herb Store

Forget toxic chemicals and opt for natural cleaning products this spring. Fill a jar halfway with lemon peels and sprinkle a little oregano. Pour white vinegar over the mixture until everything appears to be covered. Store the sealed jar in a dark cabinet for about two weeks to fully infuse. Squeeze the liquid out of the lemon peels and throw them out. Keep the infused vinegar. Combine the vinegar with twice as much water—so you have two parts water and one part vinegar. Add a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil. Put the cleaner in a spray bottle and clean away!

Natural Scents

Cucumber Lime DIY Natural Bathroom Scent
Image: eHow

For a clean and fresh scent in your bathroom, gather lime slices, cucumber slices and fresh peppermint leaves. Fill a teapot with water and pour the hot water into mason jars with the previously mentioned ingredients. Hot water is essential in order to make the fragrance spread throughout the room. To keep the scents going all day simply replace cool water with fresh, hot water.

Build Your Own Terrarium

DIY Terrarium for Your Bathroom
Image: Something Turquoise

Bring the feel of spring into your bathroom with a little dirt and greenery. Fill a fish bowl with potting soil. Layer decorative rocks on top. Select your favorite arrangement of succulents and cacti and place them in the rocks deep enough so they are rooted in the soil.