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3 Easy and Natural Ways to Stain Lips

Commercial lip colors are great, no doubt about it. Between the shades, finishes and added benefits like moisturizing properties and SPF additions, there’s little reason not to use them. Yet if you’re looking to go natural, save some money or you just want a no-fuss stain that will stick and last, you may also want to look into natural stains for lips. Below are several ways to stain lips at home.

Beetroot Juice

This is the most popular way to stain lips naturally. Beetroot juice gives off a fairly bright, yet subtle, red shade on the lips. Simply juice a large beet and add a couple drops of lemon juice to the mixture as a natural preservative. You can also add several drops of coconut oil as a natural moisturizer, if you wish.

Add the juice to your lips, and let it dry. Put on as much as you need to get the desired shade. That stain should stay on there the whole day. It tends to stick until you wash it off with soap and water.

Keep the mixture in the fridge. It keeps for a couple of weeks.

Pomegranate Seeds

In addition to being a wonderful source of antioxidants, pomegranate seeds make a great natural lip stain. How can they not with that heart’s-blood-red juice you’ll find in the POM Wonderful bottles?

Just juice a few seeds, combine the seeds with coconut oil for moisture and apply to your lips. Same rules apply as with the beetroot: apply as much as you need to for your desired deepness to the shade, let dry, wash with soap and water when you no longer need the shade.


You know when you’re eating raspberries and the juice gets all over your hands and won’t come off? Harness that mess for your lips. Mash some berries and extract the juice. Again, add a splash of coconut oil for moisture. Dab the mixture onto your lips, let dry and wear it until you want to wash it off.

The best part of this method is that you can play around with what berries you use for different shades. Popular options are blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, acai berries and you can also use pomegranate seeds. The blackberries will give the deepest color, of course. From there, you can combine different berries for the brightest shades.