applying white eyeliner makeup
Image: U Loop

When coming across white eyeliner at the beauty store, it is typically not the first thing we reach for. Surprisingly, this shade of liner is used backstage for runways and photoshoots and is a must-have for top makeup artists. White eyeliner plays a key role in contouring and highlighting your eyes. If you want to learn more ways to lift your eyebrows and make your eyes pop, then you’ll need this useful tool in your own beauty bag.

  1. Lifting your brows doesn’t require a complete re-shaping. Put the tweezers away, because a little white eyeliner can give you a complete eye lift. Draw a line of white liner under your eyebrow. Use the smudge stick to spread the liner downward to blend. This quick trick will define and shape your brow while giving it an instant lift.
  2. For a powerful eye opener, glide the white eyeliner along the top of your eyelids, just above your lashes. Smudge the liner back to blend into the rest of your eyelid. This beauty hack will make your eyes look bigger, and the stark contrast between the white liner and black mascara will leave you with long, full, and extra dark lashes.
  3. Lastly, draw your white eyeliner along the bottom inner line of your eye. This will help eliminate any redness near your lashes, which will effectively make your lashes even bolder. The white shade will also reflect into your eyes, giving you a well-rested, energized appearance. So not only can white eyeliner improve your eye makeup and eyebrows, but it can also give you quick wake-up even when you’ve had little sleep.