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The skin on our legs goes through a lot of abuse, when you think about it. From shaving to sunburns to ingrown hairs to bug bites, sometimes it can seem impossible to get smooth legs. Yet there are some easy ways to get sexy smooth legs in no time.

Want to learn how to darken your skin DIY? We’ve got you covered.

Exfoliate well

One easy step to forget is exfoliating right before you shave. By using an exfoliating cream or loofa, you’ll align the hairs and get rid of any dead skin cells that might get in the way of a close shave. This step doesn’t have to be tricky. Some olive oil and sugar combined to form a paste will moisturize and exfoliate skin at the same time. Otherwise, your favorite exfoliating scrub could work, as well.

Watch your razor

Getting a decent shave will depend just as much on your razor as which shaving techniques you use. One option is to make sure you are using a razor that has added moisturizers right next to the blades. One example is Schick Intuition Plus Refreshing Moisture Razor, which has what it calls “Skin Conditioning Solid” that helps keep skin smooth with shea butter, vitamin E and aloe. It lathers while you shave, meaning you can give it a go without shaving cream.

No matter which razor you use, make sure to change the blade often. Many blades should be changed after five uses. You might also want to invest in a product with five blades or more, which will reduce the risk of nicks as the blades are spaced more closely to each other.

Shave the right way

Most of us probably just slather on the shaving cream in the shower and make some quick swipes (of if you’re really short on time and energy, you might even attempt a quick dry shave out of the shower). If flawless legs are your goal, however, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

One is to shave after you’ve been in the shower for at least a couple minutes. That will ensure that the hair is soaked, which means it is soft and easier to shave off. If you use shaving cream, make sure to use a product with moisturizing elements like aloe, and apply in a thin layer to not clog the razor and reduce effectiveness.

Also, shave in short, light strokes, which will reduce the stress on the skin. If you’re very prone to bumps and razor burn, try to shave with the grain.

Get some quality lotion

The number one enemy of smooth skin on the legs is dryness, so it’s hard for your skin to be too hydrated. Even if you’ve used a hydrated shaving cream, make sure you have a good lotion. One option is Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion, which you apply to wet skin and then rinse off. It works with the humidity in the shower to help keep skin super smooth. At any rate, it’s less you have to do outside the shower in the colder air.