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4 Crazy Ways To Make Homemade Lipstick

Sometimes finding the right lipstick can have a bit of drama to it. You go though makeup isle after makeup isle and none of the shades look quite right, despite the fact that every conceivable color seems to be represented. Or you find just the right shade…only to have it discontinued. Or maybe you finally find “the one,” and it’s $30 a tube.

Cut the drama and try making your own lipstick. You’ll be able to customize the shade while saving money. And the only way it can be discontinued is if you get lazy and stop making it. Plus, they’ll make amazing gifts.

A Basic Lipstick Recipe

The most common way to make homemade lipstick is out of beeswax, cocoa or shea butter, oil and natural coloring like powdered beetroot or hibiscus. It’s a lot like making your own lip balm. You’ll need equal parts beeswax pastilles, shea (or cocoa) butter and coconut oil. A pinch of the coloring will do, more to color preference.

Simply place a glass jar in a pan of boiling water (called the double boiler method), about one or two inches of water should do it. Melt your beeswax, butter and coconut oil. Stir them together, and then slowly stir in your coloring. Pour the mixture into your tubes, and let it cool so it hardens. Easy!

Crayon Lipstick

This is possibly the most fun you’ll ever have with crayons, since you get to melt them and mix/match them. Much more fun than coloring. For this you’ll need a whole crayon (stick with Crayola, as it’s non-toxic) and about a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Again, you’ll want to place a glass jar in a pan of boiling water. Cut the crayons into half-inch slivers and place in the jar with the coconut oil. Melt the two down and stir. Pour the mixture into an empty lipstick tube or a gloss tin, and let it cool.

Some people don’t like the waxy scent crayons can have, so if you’d rather your homemade lipstick smell pretty, add an essential oil of your choice right when the mixture is melted. Stir well. A few drops should do it.

Eye Shadow Lipstick

Ok, how cool is this? You’ll never have to look for just the right matching lipstick and eye shadow combo again. You’ll want to use powdered eye shadow for this. Put it into a bowl, and mash it with a spoon to get it to a fine, non-lumpy texture.

Combine a tablespoon of petroleum jelly with a couple dashes of eye shadow. Melt it in the microwave in one-minute intervals. When it’s liquefied, stir well. Add more eye shadow to the mixture for a deeper hue and stir. Then pour the mixture into a container, and let it cool.

Remix Your Old Lipsticks

This idea is perfect for those of us who have trouble finding just the right shade of lipstick or like to combine our own unique shades. You can either melt your old lipsticks together in the microwave, stir and pour into a tube, or use the double boiler method from above to melt them. You can also add a small dollop of coconut oil before melting for added moisturizing benefits. Feel free to try this method repeatedly to mix and match shades.