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If you’ve experimented with highlighter, you’ll know what pure magic it is. By applying it in just the right spots, your whole complexion will glow, no matter how ragged your skin might be looking lately. But did you know you can make this beauty gem at home? Below are several ways to make your own homemade highlighter.

Eye shadow highlighter

Here’s an easy two-ingredient way for making your own homemade highlighter. Simply get a shimmery eye shadow like champagne for lighter skin tones or bronze for darker skin tones—though feel free to experiment on which eye shadow shades you like best as a highlighter. Powder the eye shadow in a bowl, and then add a facial moisturizer to the powder until you have a strong pigment. Then you’re ready to apply!

Pigment highlighter

Another way to make your own highlighter is to use your own pigments. This allows you to further customize your highlighter, though if you need a starting point, light skin tones should opt for very light pink (almost white) shades, medium to tan tones should opt for metallic beige pigments and dark tones should go for bronze. MAC makes some attractive, shimmery pigment powders.

This recipe is a little more involved. You’ll want four parts castor or olive oil, two and a half parts shaved beeswax, one part pigment powder (more if you want bolder color) and 1-2 parts essential oil of your choice. Primrose, rosemary, tea tree or peppermint are all great for the skin. Melt the wax and olive or castor oil together in a jar placed in boiling water on medium heat (called the double boiler method). Remove from heat, and mix in the pigment and essential oil. Then pour the mixture into a container, and let it cool for several hours.

Mica powder highlighter

This is an easy recipe that yields a very light, champagne highlighter. Simply mix about a palmful of almond or olive oil and a couple pinches of shaved beeswax together (more beeswax if you want it thicker). Melt in a double boiler, and remove from heat. Then mix in a pinch of white mica powder (more if you want a lighter pigment). Stir well, and put the mixture into a container. Let cool for a few hours, and you’re done.

Three-step highlighter

This one is super easy: crush some eye shadow, dollop makeup on your hand and mix the two right on your hand. You’ll need to powder some shimmering eye shadow like bronze or champagne by crushing it in a bowl. You’ll also need a liquid makeup product like foundation, concealer or BB cream. After you’re done mixing, apply it right to your face. No storage containers needed.