Grapefruit essential oils in bottles
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4 Ways To Use Massage Oil In Your Beauty Routine

There’s nothing like the heady scents of a relaxing massage oil. And the true fun is that the scent possibilities are seemingly endless. There’s mint to invigorate the mind, lavender to lift the mood, and even Frankincense is reputed to increase spiritual awareness. But rather than feeling like you need to only use massage oil for actual massages, there are a variety of ways to multitask your massage oil in your beauty routine.

You may have commercial or homemade massage oil. You can easily make your own massage oil by combining a carrier oil and an essential oil. The carrier oil acts as a stable base and may be less irritating to the skin than straight, pure essential oil. Examples of carrier oils include grape seed, jojoba, avocado, almond and wheat germ oils. Then add 5-15 drops of your favorite 3-4 types of essential oil to four ounces of a carrier oil. Aim for around 30 drops of essential oil total. You can also add about 30 drops of one type of oil, if you choose.

From there you can use the oil in massages and in a variety of other ways. Double or triple the oil amount you make if you plan to use it for a ton of different purposes.

Add To A Bath

Massage oil is known for its aromatherapy benefits. You don’t have to restrict that to massage. When drawing a bath, add about an eighth of a cup of your massage oil right into the bath. You’ll add moisturizing properties to the bath, and you’ll get a great smell. Add more for a strong scent, if you wish. Just keep it on the conservative side, or you’ll end up feeling oiled down and the scent will be much too strong.

Use As A Treatment For Dry Skin

Natural oils are a perfect way to treat dry skin. Rub the oil on your hands and let it sit for five minutes, then rinse off. Massage oil can also work as an overnight treatment for dry hands, elbows or heels. Just apply the oil to the affected area before bed, cover with some cloth like a sock or light glove, and then rinse off the treatment in the morning.

Use In Homemade Hair Oil Treatments

You can also use massage oil as a heated oil treatment for the hair. Lightly heat the oil in a sauce pan until it is slightly warm (not too hot to touch). Apply the oil to your scalp and hair, then let it sit for 30 minutes. This option is great if you’ve used essential oils that are good for the hair like rosemary or peppermint. Jojoba as a carrier oil is also known to be good for hair.

Make A Homemade Facial Scrub

If you’ve wanted to try a homemade facial scrub for exfoliating, just add sugar to the massage oil. Add until the oil and sugar forms a granulated paste, then scrub your face gently for a minute or two to get rid of dead skin cells, add hydration and promote cell turnover. Rinse the skin well after use.