Summer relaxation on 4th of July
Image: Roderick Eime

Now that 4th of July is almost here, we are in the heat of summer, meaning our hair and makeup suffer from humidity and our face tends to get extra oily. Skip the hassle and take some preventative steps to make sure your beauty look lasts all day and all night. This July weather doesn’t stand a chance against these makeup and hair hacks. So here’s to your best 4th of July ever, ladies!

Since 4th of July parties often begin in the daytime when you can soak up the sun and catch up with friends and family, we know you’ll have little time to primp before your evening festivities. To make sure your makeup sticks through the night, use a primer on your face before applying makeup. We love tarte’s 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 because it prevents sun damage as well.

Once your makeup is finished, apply a setting spray to seal it. You can create your own DIY setting spray by mixing four tablespoons of vegetable glycerin with seven ounces of bottled water. Pour in a spray bottle and you’ve got a perfect setting spray to use every day. Pack some oil sheets to dab off excess oil throughout the day. Oil sheets will never take off any makeup, they simply lift the oil off your skin.

You may also want to pack some Q-tips to wipe away any dripping eye makeup without smudging it even further. We hope you wore waterproof mascara! If you do want to bring along some makeup for midday touch-ups, pack your powder foundation. Don’t reapply all over your face, but simply retouch the center spots—forehead, cheeks and chin. Powder foundation will take away some of the shine so you look as good as new.

Let’s talk hair. Before you head out the door in the morning, run some thermal protection oil through the ends of your hair. This will keep your hair from getting frizzy throughout the day. Steer clear of curls if possible because they are likely to fall apart throughout the day. Wearing your hear up is a great idea for hot weather because you avoid ruining your look with sweat, and you keep the back of your neck cooler. The best option is to simply let your hair air-dry and use the thermal protection or an anti-frizz gel to smooth out your locks. Whatever you do, do NOT use a blow dryer. Blow drying your hair before a long day outside is just asking for breakage and frizz. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your scalp and comb through the rest of your hair. Since you will be out in the sun, this will naturally brighten up your hair so you look even better as the day goes on. Use a dry shampoo and spray on your roots and underneath your hair. The dry shampoo will keep the areas that are most likely to sweat a little more protected. Be sure to pack this product in your bag for a quick fix later.

Lastly, don’t forget your deodorant. You’ve got a long day ahead and you want to smell as fresh as you look! Just remember you and your girls are all in the same boat, so don’t sweat too much about how you look.