Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Are you looking for a way to show off your patriotism this Independence Day, and want to look good while doing it? Do you enjoy holiday makeup? Do you prefer bold or subtle looks? These 4th of July makeup options will give you the best collection of red-white-and-blue ideas and tips to look your best on America’s day of freedom. Whether you’re more stars or stripes, there’s a 4th of July makeup look for you.

Here are our favorite 4th of July makeup tricks.

Minimal Sophisticated Patriotic Makeup

Start with a color close to your skin tone and then use some white on the lid and tear duct to brighten your eyes. Next, a glittery blue eyeliner will make your eyes pop, if you apply above and below your eye. Don’t cover up the white. It should still be visible to highlight. Complete the patriotic theme with a deep red lipstick and you’re ready.

Red and White Liner

Make some cute wings this 4th of July. Begin with a white eyeliner on the inside of your lower lid, and wing it out. Add red liner to your top lash line and wing it to go above the white liner (not overlapping, but not causing a gap either). It’s simple, easy and very eye-catching.

Neutral 4th of July Look

After priming your lids up to the brow, use a white eye shadow in the inner crease of your eye (near the tear duct) and to highlight your brow. Do not highlight all the way across; start at the peak of your brow and then follow the brow line down. Using a pale blue shadow, go underneath the white highlight and drag the color across to meet up with the white in your tear duct area. Blend. Use a darker blue to cover your lids. Next, a shimmery brown will go above that dark blue to cover the crease of your eye. Use a gold shadow now right above the lashes. Use a black eyeliner across the lashes and wing it at the ends. Frame your black liner with a glittery blue liner. Finish with mascara and a bright red lipstick. Full video here:

Patriotic Red, White and Blue

Begin with a pale brown shadow across the lids and up to the brow. A shimmery brown shadow will go on over the lids next. Use a bright blue eyeliner across the upper lashes and wing it out at the ends. On your inner tear ducts, apply a white liner (just in the corners) to brighten. A bright red shadow will go underneath your eye, starting at where the white ends, and then meeting underneath the blue liner. They should connect, but not overlap. Blend the white and red. Apply a black liner to your lower waterline. You can smoke the edges of the colors to look more subtle, if you desire. Optional: using a white eyeliner, draw stars on your brow bone and add a few dots to complete the look. Finish with mascara (or false lashes) and a bright red lipstick. Video here:

Subtle Patriotic Look

Cover only your lid with a champagne colored eye shadow. Under your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye, apply a white liner. Blend it out. Using a shimmery champagne color, cover your lid, but don’t pass the crease. Also apply some to your inner tear duct (over the white base). Work a mid-tone brown to cover your crease, and blend between the white and champagne. Highlight your brow bone with a matte white shadow. Coat your waterline with the same white liner, then go over top with a blue eyeshadow. Blend the blue to create a more smoky, subtle look. Use a black eyeliner over your upper lashes and wing it out on the ends. Mascara and a cherry red lipstick complete the look! Video here:

Tri-Colored Eye Makeup

Begin with coloring the first two-thirds of your eyes with a white eye pencil. The last third of your eye will be filled in with a blue eye pencil. Define your crease line with a dark blue eyeshadow. On the first third of your eye, apply a red shadow over the white base. The three colors should be split evenly across your eyelid. Use a matte white shadow to go over the middle part of your eye, over the base pencil. Use a bright blue shadow to go over the blue eye pencil base. Go over your crease again with the dark blue shadow that you used before, and blend it out. You can also use a pale brown shadow to help blend the dark blue. Highlight your inner tear duct and your brow bone with a white shadow. Apply a black liner across your upper lashes and wing the ends. A sparkly, silver liner goes underneath your waterline. Apply mascara and you’re finished. Here’s the video: