brown sugar over spoon on wood background
Image: Shutterstock/marco mayer

5 Beauty Hacks For Brown Sugar Scrubs

Brown sugar has long been used as a natural skin remedy for dull, lifeless skin. It works as a natural exfoliator, burnishing away dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover thanks to its granulated texture.

But why, you may be wondering, brown sugar specifically? Brown sugar is more fine and gentle than salt and even white granulated sugar. It will scrub away the dead skin cells, without being too abrasive. It’s a great answer for sensitive skin.

On top of that, it contains natural glycolic acid, which helps break down skin cells for quicker cell turnover to promote more youthful skin (though, to be fair, so does white sugar).

Read on to find out several ways to use this exfoliation miracle in your beauty routine.

Basic Brown Sugar Scrub

Simply combine one part brown sugar and one part olive or coconut oil. Mix and scrub on your skin while in the shower or washing your face. This mixture will moisturize while it gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells.

If you already have naturally oily skin, use a small bit of water instead of oil, enough to get the sugar damp and pliable.

Lip Exfoliator

Simply dip your finger in water and then dip that in brown sugar. Scrub your lips with the mixture to get rid of any chapping that is going on. Easy!

Tropical Sugar Scrub

Another idea for soothing skin is to mix brown sugar with a few mushed bananas. Add brown sugar to your desired level of abrasion. Rub all over your skin in a shower, and you’ll be left with radiant, smooth skin.

Vanilla Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub

This one is a lot like the sugar scrub above, but makes the best use of aromatherapy by harnessing the relaxing scent of vanilla. Simply combine one part coconut oil to one part brown sugar, and then add a splash of vanilla extract. Massage on your skin during a shower for a relaxing scrub.

Extreme Moisturizer

This recipe is a little more involved. It requires one part olive oil to two parts dark brown sugar. A splash of vitamin E oil, a splash of vanilla extract and a dollop of raw honey all make this recipe the perfect concoction for smooth, healthy skin with a sweet-scented finish. To make it, combine the extract and oils. Then add the brown sugar last and mix well. Use in the shower as often as desired. Just scrub skin and rinse.