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Large pores can be a real pain. They can ruin the contour of makeup and even lead to or contain blackheads. Usually pores look large and inflamed because they are clogged, have excess oil around them or sometimes genetics play a role in larger pores. Luckily, if you want to minimize the appearance of large pores, below are the best small pore hacks that can help you get a smoother and more refined complexion.

Get a pore balm

There are tons of products out there that are made to reduce the appearance of pores, and these will help with any small pore hacks you try. One such product is a pore balm. These products are made to smooth out pores by “filling” them in. They can also create a smoother canvas for makeup application. Many work by cutting oil to help minimize the appearance of pores, like FACE it Oil Cut, so it’s a good solution if excess oil is causing your large pores.

Looking into a pore refiner

If you want to tackle your larger pores in a more direct way, a pore refiner may actually help tighten pores. Some even help with skin that is prone to breakouts. They may also help make the skin look smoother overall by helping to reduce the amount of sebum produced, like Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner.


One of the easiest small pore hacks you can try to help enlarged pores is the start up with regular exfoliation. That encourages skin to keep up a speedier cell turnover for a fresher complexion, and it gets rid of the dead skin and oil that can clog and enlarge pores to begin with.

The trick with exfoliating, however, is to not overdo it. It’s easy to jump on the hyper-exfoliation bandwagon. But once daily exfoliation should only happen with the oiliest of skin types, and normal to dry skin types should stick to one to three times per week. If you notice any feelings of increased skin sensitivity like tightness or stinging, you’re damaging skin more than helping.

Get a good nose strip

Pores usually seem to be the biggest and worst on the nose. Getting a pore strip for the nose can help get all that pore-enlarging gook out of your face. You’ll probably be shocked at what these little nose strips can all pull out.

Control oiliness naturally

Your number one enemy for enlarged pores is going to be oiliness. That’s what traps dead skin cells and clogs pores, leaving them inflamed and noticeable. For a natural way to control oil, try using a bentonite clay mask, which is known to control sebum production. This clay can also help unclog and shrink pores.