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While there are several ways to try to shrink large pores, sometimes pores are just naturally larger than you’d like due to conditions like genetics. Or you’ve just started a pore treatment and you still need your larger-than-average pores hidden now. For those times, there are plenty of ways to hide large pores. Below you’ll find ways to cover them up for a silky complexion.

Pore balm

One of the best products out there for large pores is a basic pore balm. This product is made to “fill-in” pores so they are less noticeable to begin with. As with many products made to hide pores, it’s silicone based to help create a smooth, natural-looking finish. You apply it on top of pore refining products, and it applies like a basic powder. It’s perfect for those days when you just need a subtle little way to hide pores without necessarily slathering on tons of foundation.

Get the right foundation

Speaking of foundation, when you do need to look your best, you’ll want to get a foundation that’s made to hide pores. Look for terms like “poreless” and “matte.” These will be the best at hiding pores and creating a smooth, light finish.

Use a good primer

One of the must-haves for hiding large pores is also a good primer. It’ll help makeup spread on more easily, allowing it to be less likely to accent those pores. It also helps sort of “fill in” pores, much like the pore balm does. Look for a product that helps fill in pores, or even out fine lines.

Know how to apply foundation with pores in mind

If you’re applying foundation with the intention of hiding pores, it’s going to be a little different than just slathering on your foundation like normal. Instead of a sweeping motion that will just make the foundation catch on pores, add the foundation to a makeup sponge and apply the foundation in a pressing and dabbing sort of motion over your enlarged pores to fill in the pores instead. Then even it out with a buffing motion.

Using a concealer stick to hide pores

For really huge pores, one extreme tip is to use a heavy-duty concealer to help fill them in and hide them. This is usually best used on the nose, where pores can appear bigger. Some people report dragging and pressing a stick of heavy, lightly powdery concealer right over the nose area to fill in the pores and create an even look. Then you gently wipe with a damp tissue to remove everything that’s not directly in the pores. You do this before you apply your foundation. You’ll need to make sure you have a good makeup remover and exfoliation routine to clean out those pores afterwards. (Pro tip: steam your pores to open them before you cleanse.)