Beautiful woman with bright make up eye with sexy purple sparky gloss liner makeup. Fashion big arrow shape on woman's eyelid. Chic evening make-up, healthy face,curly hair
Image: Shutterstock/One bird

Body glitter was a trend we all remember from the early 2000’s and now it is making a major comeback in the beauty industry. Applying it in certain areas will create a perfect party look and a simple way to draw attention to any feature! Here are five easy ways to wear it and look awesome while doing it.

Eyes are often referred to as the focal point of the face and what better way to emphasize this than with some super fun glitter? One super easy and fun use is as eyeliner. Urban Decay has some great liners in a variety of different colors that can be combined or worn alone. These will really make your eyes pop and people won’t be able to look away. Use them as a way to turn simple makeup into a really unique look.

Another great way to accentuate your eyes with some shimmer is just on the brow bone. This will help it catch the light and even substitute any highlighters you may use. Different colors have different effects: white is more subtle, while pink may be a good choice for an edgier look. There are glitters that work for this of all price ranges and brands. Not only is this a fun way to change up your look, but also it is also very high fashion. You will stand out in all the right ways and be a true trendsetter.

The final place near your eyes that glitter works great on is your eyebrows. This is a really easy way to not only define your brows but also make them dance floor ready. Try brushing some Vaseline into your brows and then putting some loose glitter on top. The Vaseline shapes and defines the brows and the glitter adds a little festivity. This is a subtle way to add some interest to your look without going too out of your comfort zone.

Cheekbones are a spot on the face that always catches light so by putting glitter, they will be highlighted and really shape your face. With the same type of product used on the brow bone, dab some glitter of any color on your cheekbones! Give your highlighter a break and use some festive glitter to define your face. Not only will this make your face look brighter, but it will also draw attention to your eyes. Pair it with a smoky eye and some berry-hued lipstick and you’re set with a face perfect for any party.

Finally, the most permanent use for glitter is hair. This may be the hardest to remove and you will definitely have a few specs left over the next day but it is so worth it. One way to do this is saturating your part in glitter to give you a whimsical, yet subtler look. Others have applied glitter to strands of hair, to make it seem as if you have dyed your hair in glitter. Either way will be a great way to add a little something extra to your hairstyle.

Glitter is the perfect DIY ingredient for any make-up and can be worn to almost any occasion. Give yourself a memorable make over with some boho glitter.