Many women think short hair cannot be curled properly, and we are here to change this misconception. All you need are curling irons for short hair that are the right size to flaunt those curls. You may experiment with beachy waves, soft curls, or tight curls to change your look every day.

Woman with tattoos and short curly brown and blonde hair.

You want a curling iron for short hair that’s smaller in diameter so that the curls hold. Besides, the right type of barrel makes hair styling easier and less time-consuming. Here are the top curling irons for short hair that will make you feel dolled up.

Herstyler Baby Curl Hot Pink Teflon Wand

Herstyler Baby Curl Hot Pink Teflon Wand

The Herstyler curling iron is a great tool for short hair as it has a half-inch barrel that heats up to 400°F. It’s made of Teflon that emits ions to add shine to the hair. This also helps in controlling fizz that often results from humidity. The design of the barrel is clipless; therefore, it is easy to use on all hair types.

Moreover, the 360 degrees swivel cord gives you room to work on the hair without tangling. The best part is that you can use this wand even while traveling as it comes with dual voltage.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Curling Iron for Short hair and Smooth, Shiny Curls

BaByliss has one of the most premium hair curling irons for short hair that will last years. Hence, they are worth the investment. The Nano Titanium Conicurl curling iron is perfect for short hair beauties. This iron has titanium technology in its tapered barrel, making it super-easy to style hair.

The Pro Nano Conicurl model has fifty heat settings and works on all hair types. With its uniform heating mechanism, you can style your hair in a few minutes. The wand is multi-use and you can use it for tight curls as well as soft waves.

Conair Instant Heat ¾ Inch Curling Iron

Conair Instant Heat ¾ Inch Curling Iron for Short Hair and Defined Curls

The Conair Instant heat curling iron is great for short, fine hair. It has a wand that is 3/4″ in dimension. This small-diameter allows the creation of tight curls that stay in shape for a long time. Moreover, this adds to the compact design of the iron, making it portable.

The curling iron has 25 different heat settings, so you can change it as per your hair density and texture. The auto-off technology is good to prevent heat damage to the hair. Since the curling iron takes only thirty seconds to heat up, you can use it in a hurry.

Terviiix 450°F Professional Hair Styling Iron for Short Hair

Terviiix 450°F Professional Hair Styling Iron for Short Hair

Pick this mini hair styler from Terviiix that works between 122°F to 450°F. You can use low heat to touch up the curls and high heat for tight curls. This temperature range works for all types of hair. The efficient design of the styling iron has floating plates that can be adjusted for better precision.

Besides, the tool comes with an LCD panel to display temperature and settings. With this curler, you won’t have to wait for it to heat up as it works in just fifteen seconds, saving you time. Lastly, it has a sixty-minute auto shut-off feature to keep you stress-free.

SalonTech Spinstyle PRO Automatic Rotating Curling Iron

SalonTech Spinstyle PRO Automatic Rotating Curling Iron for professional curls at home

If you are looking for professionally done curls at home, the SalonTech Spinstyle is the right tool for you. The curler can do loose curls and beachy waves with its 0.75-inch barrel. Its curl dial technology is convenient for those who find manual curling a huge struggle.

This curling iron comes with diamond dust coating on the ceramic barrels to keep the frizzy hair in control. The curler works equally well on fine as well as thick locks with its uniform quick heating function.

We hope you will find the right curling iron for short hair with these premium quality options. When choosing a curling iron, consider the anti-frizz material as it helps in taming the hair better. Besides, pick a dual voltage one that comes in multiple settings. This allows a versatile use and ensures the tool is worth the investment.

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