woman applying mascara

Clear mascara seems like a straightforward concept: It’s a way to enhance lashes while keeping your makeup routine low-maintenance. But this simple product actually has a variety of uses, from keeping your brows in place to priming and finishing your eye area for eye makeup application. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you experience all the benefits of clear mascara.

A no-fuss alternative to black mascara

Black mascara is most commonly used because of the dramatic, bold way in which it enhances the eyelashes. But black mascara has its drawbacks: It can often clump during application, it bleeds and smears throughout the day, and it doesn’t tend to look very natural. A clear mascara can help to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes without these annoying drawbacks. Clear mascaras make your lashes look longer, thicker, and shinier–in other words, more eye-grabbing–but they don’t contain a pigment that will clump, smear, or bleed during the day. This makes clear mascara a great option for outdoor days and active days. Clear mascara also looks much more natural, due to its lack of dramatic, black pigment.

A serum for eyelashes

Many clear mascaras also contain moisturizing ingredients to keep your eyelashes healthy–which in turn will help them to look their best! Look for a natural formula that uses collagens and essential oils to nourish your lashes. We love Lashfood’s Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer for hydrating and enhancing your lashes in one go. It’s free of parabens and sulfates, so you’ll know you’re giving your lashes a healthy treat.

An eyebrow gel

Clear mascara is a great multitasker–which means that instead of splurging on a dozen different beauty products, you can save your money and invest in just one, dynamic item. You can use clear mascara to keep your eyebrows in order during the day: Just neaten them with a brow comb, fill them in with a pencil if desired, and brush a coat of clear mascara over them.

A primer and finisher

You can also use clear mascara to prime and finish different areas of your eye before and after makeup application. When applying mascara, simply swipe on some clear mascara first to prime your lashes, then add a coat or two of black mascara, and then follow up with another coat of clear mascara as a finisher if desired. Priming and finishing your lashes will help your makeup to stay in place throughout the day. You can achieve the same results for your eyebrows by swiping a coat of clear mascara over your brows before and after filling them in with makeup. And if you find yourself caught without an eyelid primer or finisher, you can even dab a little clear mascara onto your lids before and after applying eyeshadow and eyeliner.

A flyaway-tamer

Clear mascara can also be a big help on bad hair days. If you don’t have a suitable hair product to keep flyaways in order, just apply a thin coat of clear mascara to keep them in line! (Pro tip: You can also use aloe vera gel as a DIY natural hair styling product.)