Honey in jar with honey dipper and fresh lemon on blue background
Image: Shutterstock/christina_pauchi

Homemade lip scrubs should be in everyone’s DIY arsenal. They’re great for getting rid of dull, chapped lips, and they’re super easy to make. You can make them even better by learning how to flavor your homemade lip scrubs. Below are several ideas for the tastiest lip scrubs around.

Customized flavor lip scrubs

This scrub is super easy, and you can customize whatever flavor you desire. It simply requires you to combine petroleum jelly, flavored lip gloss and sugar. Mix a larger chunk of lip gloss with a couple tablespoons of petroleum jelly. Mix in sugar to texture preference (go heavy if you like a hearty scrub, less sugar if you want more moisture). And there you have your lip scrub. If you want it to look pretty, use a lip gloss with a high color pigment to it.

Cotton candy lip scrub

Have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll love this colorful cotton candy scrub. You’ll need four palmfuls of sugar and about two splashes of olive oil (less oil if you want the mixture to be more dry and abrasive). You’ll also need six drops of cotton candy flavoring, two drops of blue food coloring and two drops of pink food coloring.

Put half of the sugar, flavoring and olive oil into one bowl and half into another bowl. Then add the pink food coloring to one bowl and the blue to the other. Mix each bowl well. Then mix the two together for some colorful fun.

Pumpkin lip scrub

Want the spice of pumpkin pie while you’re scrubbing away? It doesn’t just have to be for fall. Simply mix one part olive oil to one part raw honey, and mix in white sugar to texture preference. Then mix in about a couple pinches of pumpkin pie spice for one of the tastiest lip scrubs around.

Mint chocolate chip scrub

Can’t get enough of mint chocolate everything? Why not scrub your lips with it? This recipe even uses the natural exfoliating qualities of coffee grounds. Combine a couple palmfuls of sugar to a large splash of olive oil. It should be about two parts sugar to one part olive oil. Then add a pinch of cocoa powder and a pinch of coffee grounds. You’ll also need to add three drops of peppermint extract or essential oil. Then stir well. Now when you scrub your lips, it will be like a trip to your favorite coffee shop.

Lemon and honey scrub

There’s nothing as refreshing as the taste and scent of fresh lemons. Plus the sweet taste of honey? Yes, please! You’ll just need to combine one part raw honey to one part olive oil. Add a splash or two of lemon juice. Then mix in sugar to texture preference.