ballet pink shimmery makeup
Image: Cavitacion Mesoterapia

We envy anyone who can effortlessly pull off the perfect cat eye. Eyeliner pulls together the rest of your beauty look by giving your eyes a bit of depth and smokiness. If you’re like us, you’d welcome a little help on how to apply eyeliner without making a mistake. From shaky hands to crumbly eyeliner, we wonder how anyone can pull off such perfect wings! Luckily, we’ve discovered 5 easy hacks that will make applying eyeliner so much easier and faster.

  1. Find a credit card or piece of tape. If using a card, place it at a forty-five degree angle to your eye. If using tape press your finger on the sticky side to dull it slightly. Place the tape at a forty-five degree angle to your eye. Now when you bring your eyeliner to the outer corner of your eye you don’t have to worry about steadying your hand. Simply trace the line up the card or piece of tape. Remove the card or tape for a perfectly even wing.
  2. If you’ve got a shaky hand problem, well, you’re not alone. Use an eye pencil to apply eyeliner as you normally would without worrying about your shaking hands. Take a liquid liner and trace the line you just applied. The liquid liner will darken and fill in the uneven parts of your original line, while the base layer will automatically fill in any uneven parts from the liquid liner.
  3. Place your eyeliner in the freezer for 10 minutes for super firm makeup that won’t crumble or smudge. This will make the liner go on much more smoothly and evenly.
  4. Another hack for uneven, “shaky” eyeliner is to use the smudge stick to smudge the line together, filling in any cracks. It is always easier to fix a thin line than it is to erase a messy thick line. Begin with a thin line without trying to make it perfect, then use the smudge stick to blend and even it out. Use an eyeshadow brush with dark grey shadow to draw the line out past your eye.
  5. Apply your eyeliner as usual, then dip your liner brush or smudge stick in water. Squeeze out excess moisture. Use the brush or smudge stick to draw out the eyeliner slightly further. This wing won’t be as bold, but it will create a subtle flick that works well for the weekdays.