How to get glowing skin
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One of the worst things about the cold weather is how dry it makes your skin feel. It doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you slather on; the moment you spend more than ten minutes outside, your skin starts to rebel against you. You keep your favorite moisturizer at the bottom of your purse for emergencies, but hate having to wipe off your makeup so you can reapply it to your face.

Believe it or not, a simple face mask can solve a lot of your issues! When it comes to choosing the right mask, there are certain ingredients that have quicker, long lasting results. Here are the top DIY face masks that will combat rough, dull winter skin.

1. Banana Face Mask

Banana fruit on pink background, close up
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There are many beauty benefits to using bananas in your skincare routine. First, they are packed with antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin and take years off of your face. They can also control the amount of oil your skin produces. To make it, you will need half a banana and a teaspoon of honey. After slicing and mashing the banana in a bowl, mix it together with the honey.

2. Avocado Face Mask


Is there anything that avocado can’t do? Not only does it moisturize your skin from the outside, and get rid of that flaky, dry feeling that comes with winter, it also prevents acne from the inside. So eat up! You’ll need half of an avocado, one egg yolk and one to two tablespoons of honey. Mash the avocado until it has a creamy texture. Next, slowly add the egg yolk and honey until the texture is consistent. To brighten your skin, you can replace the egg yolk with a half teaspoon of lemon.

3. Tumeric and Oats Face Mask


Tumeric is one of the best natural skin brighteners, and can be used to even out your skin tone. Give your skin a natural glow by combining tumeric with oats. Oats are great at exfoliating your skin, leaving your face feeling and looking fresh.

4. Papaya Face Mask


This face mask makes it easy to pretend you’re on a tropical island, soaking up the sun instead of bundling up in the cold. Papayas contain natural enzymes that naturally soften and hydrate your skin. This is what makes it work so well with honey, which also hydrates your skin. Mash up the papaya using a fork. Once it is smooth, add one to two teaspoons of honey and mix thoroughly.

5. Rosewater and Aloe Face Mask


This face mask is my favorite skincare routine. It’s simple to make, smells delicious and is super relaxing! Mix one tablespoon of rose water, aloe vera (either one can be store bought or homemade) and a teaspoon of honey. Although this mixture is small, it totally packs a punch. It nourishes your skin and gives your face a natural glow. Plus, you will have the added benefit of smelling like a fresh garden, which is always nice!